[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Ancient Tree & Gleam Farm on Houchus I

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And the auction is closed.

Sold to the man at the front with the excellent brick prices for 2000c!

Let me know whens good to collect.

Thanks for playing all. Keep an eye out for more random sales and giveaways at New Nixia soon!


woot woot !! Thank you … thank you everyone

But I left the brick to my wife. She is responsible for the price to 6 coins each lol

Nice job regarding your hub guy. Very successful :wink:

and thank you for the prize, I’m sending you a message probably tomorrow

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Thanks! And no worries, we’ll be around whenever youre ready.


thanks guys you are great! Very nice surprise these 3 feathers. @MrNiX @uni3k


Nice one, thanks for getting involved. We’re always aiming to make these give aways well worth getting involved in, and i kinda wish i could have shared the mystery prize beforehand, but then it wouldn’t have been a mystery and not nearly as fun.

We’ll be doing many more soon im sure, but you gotta be in it to win it!


He’s even wearing his laurels in celebration of his victory.

The surprise is worth the price by itself.

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I always bring my laurels for special occasion

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We will be linking are hubs on the Aus worlds soon
For bori, lutrion and lasiana
Grab a personal portal

You can get there from both ps lutrion there is a city portal with Nixian Trust Hub & ashenvale

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Firstly The Nixian Superstore is stocked as always and plenty of baskets with coin!

We are now selling:-
Compact Oortstone 3333c / 3000c handtrade
DECO Oortstone 1666c / 1500c handtrade

Went to the EXO and struggled to find Rift?
No Problemo!!! Cheapest Rift in the known universe

Rough Rift 777c / 700c handtrade!!!

Rough Umbris 1555c / 1400c handtrade…
Yup i said UMBRIS!!!

See you very soon!


What??? No Blink???


Out of curiosity how did you get the Umbris? meteors? I got two Blink from them…

meteors, both dormant and complete, can drop all 3 resources. I got both umbris and blink from 2 different ones

Ya Killing me!..
If you want to let us sell the blink for you then yup we will have blink to sell!
Yep Meteors.

Hmmmm, can I have your Umbris then? :joy:

funny how RNG works for people I only got 2 Blink from 2 differnt ones…

Grab your full Atlases for Vandar and Gotho

Just 777c!

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I got some umbris from a dormant meteor.

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Awesome, I’ll definitely be taking advantage of this later, will grab a few pieces and sell ya some stuff. :slight_smile: Not sure though if maybe I should wait for another planet to use them on though as so much got hit with these first ones already, thinking maybe I’ll get lucky and have one spawn this weekend while I’m on. Ideally caustic as would love to be able to go for emerald/amethyst while going for rift.

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The type of planet is dependent on the new gems, so caustic might be blink or umbris.

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@bucfanpaka I believe topaz / sapphire are the gems

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