[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Next Level Nixbot

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The Nixian Trust proudly presents…


The capital of picturesque Circarpous, New Nixia is the newly legitimized love child of The Nixian Trust Guild [TNT].

Combining all of the guilds popular individual settlements into one, to create a new town even we werent expecting.

Featuring amazing builds, shops, one of the biggest hubs in the game, a bank, a spa, a nightclub, and an ice rink… with even more shops and amazing builds still under construction.

The shops and where to find us are a story of their own which i’ll do in the next couple posts, so for now have a few pics of the place so far…


Where to find us

As mentioned, New Nixia is home to one of the biggest portal hubs in the game.

One jump to freedom

With over 100 portals, strategically located on Circarpous, every T1 to T4 planet is reachable with a maximum of 8 conduits, usually less (except lasania which needs 10, but i feel your pain, I’m aussie too).

Ever wanted that portal to ultima but couldnt afford a 24 conduit beast? Well now you can do it in one jump for a 3rd of the cost.

And sooo much more.

Grab yourself a free token of your choice, and unlock an instant network to all the major hubs in the game.

TNT MEGAHUB has direct connections to all the hotspots below for you to take advantage of, with more on the way.

  • Ultima HQ
  • Portal Seekers - Alder & Seginiakai (Kada 1 closed)
  • Ultima US West Gateway
  • Ultima Besevrona Gateway
  • Ultima Mall
  • Crypt Hub
  • Gyosha Mall Hub
  • Legendville Hub
  • Aqua Embassy Hub
  • Legendville Mall
  • Slingbow Depot
  • Meteor Meet
  • Camelot
  • Waterfront Outlets
  • Elysian Fields
  • Hydronia
  • Alaska Hub
  • Elsie’s Shop
  • Purgatory
  • Code Gleam
  • Tunnel Snakes
  • Scavengers Hoard
  • Shadow Dragons
  • Thrilloilogy
  • Ultima Gate Circarpous



[Nixia Superstore]

With over 300 stands selling almost every item in game, and request baskets filled daily for every base material, it really is a one stop shop.

[The Sanctuary]

Selling pretty much every food and brew in the game. The sanctuary is THE spot to pamper yourself and get that much needed R&R at the spa, club, or icerink while you eat delicious treats and sip on the finest brews available.


You know the name, you know the quality. Now bigger, better, cheaper and 27% more INCREDIBLE… INCREDIBLE:FORGE… When good enough isnt good enough.
And to celebrate our grand opening…
We currently have a special on Bruce Banners. Comes with action slingbow and authentic AFK motions. Hand trades are available for 50% off. No refunds or returns.


2c? I thought I was worth more than that! lol


1 hour and still no takers… sry Buddy :cry:


I took a walk around your main big building there the other day, it is really incredible. :slight_smile: I hope the devs add more decoration/furniture options if nothing else simply to see what a place like that could look like with them. It is an epic build!

Oh, you also had a group of mobs hopping around in your Drowning Pool in the store when I went in… I take it that is your Customer Complaint Department? :sweat_smile: Who needs People Greeters when you can have People Eaters! “Um, yeah, on second thought, I really don’t need a refund on this hammer, thanks…”


Sometimes you’d also get chased by cuttletrunks but I’m sure their working on it.:slight_smile:

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The drowning pool is free shop giveways. Murder some wildlife while youre there on us!

And yeah as we fill out some more of the builds the mobs will settle down amd spawn further out. We do have 10 of us heavily armed and patroling the area though.

Except bruce who just naps with his slingbow


Yes, we hired a few as a welcoming committee, and I must say… They are very exhuberant… I think we may have to hold back on the coffee or simply let them go…


We have BIG plans for the big building… but we cant reveal all our secrets on the first date


They love to use the “shocking touch” approach, must say i feel a little zapped out. LOL


I had thought about killing them but actually felt sort of bad about it since they were cute and kind of added to the ambiance - plus, they didn’t aggro on me, so I’d have felt like I was shooting your pets. :rofl:

But yeah, definitely don’t want a Cuttletrunk as a greeter though, haha, I would have killed one of those. I don’t know how many have seen the old Peanuts cartoons, but Cuttletrunks sound like how the adults talk in those… “WAA WHHAAA WAA WAAPPP”


Haha. The cuttles dont tend to come into the shop at all. Ive seen one, who actually followed me in through the door.

Just the nice mobs falling helplessly through the crater, and there is an endless supply so feel free to harvest all you want and sell em back to us.


I have come across your settlement when hunting a few weeks ago - it looks impressive seen live. :sunglasses:


I happened upon your new build the other day and it really is impressive. The big building on the hill is especially nice. Well done!


Thanks, i stop and stare in awe every time I go past it too. One person (mostly) in about 3 weeks. I dont think he sleeps.


“Fresh Towels” was a nice touch haha


Is this in anyway related to the player named nixia that owns a bunch of plots on alder where grand junction once was?

Yes most likely we also had a large settlement called nixia on trior which is still standing for the most part

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Yeah it’s just a bunch of extractors and portal conduits buried under the ground. Maybe other stuff too I don’t remember. I was only down there once with the old owners. Maybe nixia was holding it for the people that owned grand junction? It’s been like this for months. Was hoping nixia would pull the plots. Running around there lags the game like crazy. I can help you salvage if you want the prestige. I’m right beside there and And slowly moving that way. Nixia and Tagris or something like that have the beacons.