[TNT] New Nixia Megathread: Buying Oort

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Hmm, good point, whoops. But that could be just as well I guess, though not sure what altitude those spawn at. With rift at least it is in the lower range. I was on Gotho last night and didn’t get any rift… since I was low, no gems as those are high there, I was getting enough other stuff I think to make it slightly profitable, but barely, as I was tearing through hammers.


I find mine between 32-22 and it has to be under areas of high elevation such as mountains.


Vandar is where I get the most though.


Thanks! Maybe I’ll head back later today, hopefully there will be SOME left! :rofl: I think I was in the right areas at times at least, and I was seeing others’ tunnels, could just be bad luck.


The announcements keep on coming!!
Now in stock

Compact Rift 6000c / 5400c hand trade
Refined Rift 4320c / 3888c hand trade
Deco Rift 3199c / 2880c hand trade

Limited stocks so hurry! - a possibility of rift tools…maybe even forged coming soon!!!


Do you think you’ll be selling any of that oort amalgam? I’ll almost certainly buy some if so, keep my portal running before my upcoming trip!


We only have 2 for sale at the moment…saving up the ichor so we can run a mass craft.
I priced it quite high as it was more for show of the block as it is so shiny and new!
At the very least you can visit the store and stare at it :smile:


Haha, perhaps I’ll take a selfie with it. :stuck_out_tongue: But worse case, if I fuel before my trip with the regular stuff it shouldn’t close, unless we are gone longer than anticipated, so isn’t a hugely pressing need, more like insurance in case that happens.


It is pretty damn pretty, almost a shame to burn it in portals (im totally going to burn it all in portals).

Deco rift is amazing too. I didnt know it was animated.


I really want the blink, I love how it flashes! :smile:


Thanks for this, went to Vandar and got 24 pieces, stuck to around alt 30. :slight_smile:


FYI All 3 worlds are mapped and for sale!


Still the cheapest in the universe!


Hello All more rough rift added to the stands.
Deco is now sold out.
If you need custom orders please don’t hesitate to ask


The decorative rift really is gorgeous. I can just imagine what people will be building with the new stuff. My own goal is to try to get enough to line my swimming pool.


A swimming pool is perfect for this block great thinking!
We are crafting grapples and bows at the moment but hopefully on the next rift wave we can make deco and experiment


Rift now 699c! Still the cheapest in the universe!

Also a little bit more blink and umbris there too.


Sold out!! (Rift)


Yep, that didnt last long did it. I found one more in my pocket if that helps. Haha.

Will restock very soon!


Now selling meteor ichor. 60 available @ 1699c.

Also very small amounts of rift, umbris and blink back on the stands. Only about 10 of each, but its still fun to watch the mad rush of fiends pour into the shop whenever i post that.