TNT Planetary Network: Nova Golda Farm Hub collaboration


That is exactly what we did near our monolith. Put some chili out for those that don’t have the point or don’t want to switch it.


Guys, I like the hub, also planned to expand to Circarpous therefore linked portal here. But thinking about the oort consumption and being sometimes 1-2 weeks gone, I would prefer something smaller 2x2 ideally, but 1x2 would also suffice. Can you get me something ?



Yes, what planet are you on. There may be a restriction on portal size. But other than that, portals can be resized to a large extent.
PM me with the info, any requirements and your usual play time


Yes please, because then I can finish what I started today (check Alnitans :wink:) and we can announce something else!


If you are wanting to connect to the TNT Mega Hub and are located on or near the planet Biitula we have many portal options for you if you wish to come to axon and grab a token you can open up a portal in just a few minutes.


I wanna live nearby!


If you want to live on circ we have a residential district that has a direct link into the megahub and its own mini hub and town square and a shop!
Feel free to have a look around and grab some plots


Really sorry about that. I took my eye off the proverbial ball. It’s like the 2nd Death Star, now i.e. fully operational.


Heh, no worries.

Wasn’t actually heading there, just noticed in passing and thought I would mention it, in case it had gone unnoticed!


Yep, feel free to give feedback. Always always appreciated


Com on com on com on im dying here load damn you😉


Had that problem with mokey today^^ trying to figure out what direction i had to go, to find my exit to antar^^


And it’s here!

TNT + Nova Golda collaboration!


Whoho​:wink: great the bigger the better.:smile:


I was AFK for a week and am a little bit late to the party, and i know it was already mentioned above, but im still thrilled to belatedly announce our new partnership with one of the best T5+ farm networks in the game!

Huge thanks to @AeneaGames for adding the amazing Nova Golda Farm Hubs to each of our T5/T6 hubs, which means you can now find any resource you want in complete safety and style, with the speed and convenience of the TNT Network.

Featuring some of the best farms in the game with more being added all the time!

Finding them is simple, just look for the Nova Golda Farm Hub portals in the middle of each hub.

Then wander through to the freshly revamped farm hubs (they look great!) to find whatever you need.

Aenea has even built super convenient warp spots at every location for your exo exploratory convenience.

Thanks again Aenea, we’re thrilled to have joined forces to add yet another amazing set of features to the TNT Network. And more so, thank you for your patience waiting on my slow self. Those last two T5s are coming i swear! :grin:


Awesome post, thanks uniek!

Two caveats though not all farm spots are in complete safety, yet.

And not all have an exo platform.

Working on both though!


Love it
And look forward to this hopefully long a prosperous partnership :smile:


Just a heads-up - I grabbed a 3x2 on the west side for my new place on Gyosha, but will probably go ahead and close my Alder portal, Elysian Fields, before too long. Thinking a week or two. So when that goes, it isn’t an oversight, you can free it up.


I was interested in adding a portal at Boori but didn’t find any available token. May I know how can I setup one?


@Lawrey our small boori hub where the monolith is?