TNT Shedu Tier Portal Crashes Game

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Hi, I have an issue when trying to go through the Shedu Tier TNT portal (via their hub) on my main character.

I’m running on an awfully underpowered ultra(ish)book with Intel UHD 620 graphics, but an i5 and 16GB RAM.

I may have a couple of mods on, so I’ll attempt to try it with those removed (which will be frustrating as that will mean the rain will come back on Sochi :wink: ) but … yeah … essentially this builder character can’t get to my build on Houchus I. At least not via TNT, I will also attempt to travel via Ultima. :+1:

One round of crash dumps has already come through (same username in game) another will follow quickly, time wise, after this post. :slight_smile:

Same same but different via Ultima’s network.

Mods still on.

One of the mods is the weather one (I think) which does some stuff with fog.

Again, shortly after this post goes live you will receive crash dump logs.

I had that problem with a mod causing Shedu issues. I think it may have been the world info or bow info mod… but not sure.

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Thanks, @Soju-VB, seriously, very well received.

I’ll try to ponce around with what I’ve done and see if I can reverse it without having to reset and start again XD

If anyone’s got a route to go around Shedu (maybe GTG Sov Network? Which one comes out at Houchus !?) I’d be all ears!