To coil or not to coil?

Coils all below floor level with a black pane of glass surrounding @ the base of the block above, on mixers I mix with Titanium Furnace (handy for bricks) in between.


I’m glad you mentiond there was black glass there cause it sure looke dlike a death trap to me :)))))


interesting, I’ve played this game for a couple years on and off and never knew that lol

Yeah you can hide 'dem coils all you want, lol. as long as you can reach the machine (and like, why would one hide the machine!), you’re golden!

We used to have to do each coil but an update at some point changed that. I am not sure everyone really saw that change since we all were so used to the old way.

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Yea I planned on making an access tunnel under all the machines to fix them just for show of course because you can smack the main machine and that works just fine. But for right now my build is just on life support while I wait very impatiently for the news that James mentioned.