To coil or not to coil?

So, do you show or hide your coil/spark lines?
I show my coils and hide my spark lines if able though if I could find a way to do it without chaos i’d show those too).
Here is one portion of my workshop. I use octigrid as a wall to let the coils be seen from the back. There is a small risk of lagging into coils but hey, life is dangerous :slight_smile:


Hide everything.
My machines show only 1 block in the floor, rest is underground.
Each machine is the surrounded by gems and gleam of the same color as the machine.


Don’t think there is a right or wrong answer.
in the past I have my coils mostly hidden but then have seen some amazing workshops with coils crackling away and have had regrets.
currently have my coils and machines hanging, which is a first for me…trying out new ways is fun.

old setup


At Terra Nova (TNT, Ult and DK Lamblis) i got my work room underneath the hub.

Only the coils are visible trough the glass floor (still accessible from below), and the sparklines are hidden in the pipes (machined iron with lava and octagrid in the middle).

I would say bot necessarily hide them but cover the arks coming of them. To avoid that wee oortlings hurting them selfs :wink:.


show off the arks safely with glass panes


I hide all the coils because otherwise I walk into them and die a horrific death on a regular basis. Spark lines cannot kill me so they can do as they please.


Your build is perfect and beautiful. Leave it the way it is.

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I show them if there is no way to hit them like behind a window… if I am doing a more open build then I would just put a small line or something to block anyone accidentally going into it.

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Just expose them…nothing like playing some Limbo or frying some Oortians :stuck_out_tongue:


I like it when people decorate their workshop manchine stations with the colors of the machine. I don’t since i only do purple :wink: But, I like it!


This is what I currently have. All under black glass panels. There’s stairs to the water area below in case I need to access the connectors.
Currently working on an upgrade so I’ll have 5 of each machine


This was my last workshop. I’m unsure what I am going to do with my new one. I like to hide the spark links and show off the coils but also make them safe so I don’t die in them.


Ooooh :heart_eyes:

Bit trippy though on me eyes :wink:

I hide it all but mainly for safety. I use the spark links to create a little rail between me and the deadly coils, and I have a maintenance walkway where I can access everything for repairs

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I block it all off because I’m a huge derp so more for my safety than anyone elses :rofl: What can I say I’m like a moth attracted to the light :laughing:


I like to cram two machines behind a glass wall looks pretty


how do you get to all the coils to repair?

Oh that IS pretty! I’m going to try that with my design. Still remembering that there are LOT of glass styles besides clear.

If you repair a machine with coils attached to it it repairs the coils as well.

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I have seen some awesome and creative ideas in this thread. Yours, I’m annoyed to say has me rethinknig my life choices lol.
Also, I’m curious. I know depending on how you lay out your coils, there is one row at the bottom that only 1 coil fires off. THe other two don’t. I assume if you stack the other two would fire off for the one below? (hope that makes sense).

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