To people with low tier SOV with Gleamball Biome- Preferably near Niia Zed Ka

Hey, Im looking for Sovereign planets with gleamball biome I can setup a gleam ball farm on. Want to build the farms a particular way and link them up, will be open for all to use. Don’t mind the colour, would prefer if you are going to keep the planet for at least a month or two…

Just let me know how to get to your planet and ill see if I can find a gleamball that fits my farm type. Im linking to a planet orbiting Niia Zed Ka, so close to there would be nice for portal costs.





I have setup 2 farms so far, one on my planet with Black, one on a sov i found with Bright Slate, LF more if anyone knows any. Se screenshots as to how i am setting up the farms:


looks cool, hope to enjoy this thingie :smiley:

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Now connected to TNT Gleamfarm Hub.

Might start building the farms I like on other planets in the hub that have time and permissions set, feel free to reclaim if you don’t want it there, otherwise ill try link them to existing farms etc…