To those from legendville

I have had a few questions about why my name is on signs at legendVille (see images)
first of all, I have not violated anything since I was part of the legendville since the start.
and I have full right to keep my areas there for as long as I’m playing
since a few new players joined the legendville guild back then and James gave those people full guild director permissions just because the guild owner has not been logged in for a year doesn’t mean you own or have the right to claim every other connected area.
my areas are my areas and will stay my areas and I will work on them whenever I got the time to do so without anyone forcing me.

I don’t often go bonkers but I’m very limited with patience for you guys, so my DEMAND is as follow, please remove the name shaming signs and we will call it peace and you do your thing and I do mine
not doing so means will start building there soon and claim legendville as my own again

the choice is yours
#deadline 31-01-2022


Need Help making it Pretty boop


Dont k ow the full story
. But what i have understood is that When ilegend left (good luck For him Where ever he is now). TNT took over the place…
I havent even been there For a long time… Dunno is the tree still there and such… Anyways i think action like signs… Fences etc are not forbidden but still you should use some common sense. I think theres situation Where signs are needed… Like if you cannot reach the player, but obviously thats npt the case here.

Anyways i hope you guys make some kinda solution… Feels a bit stupid To see these dramas… Again.
Maybe both sides should think “do i really need these plots”. Before doing things like this.

Edit. But To be fair
. Its not fair either To give some kinda deadline To fix things

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Kinda bonkers to put up signs like this, which such vague wording…
First you send a DM on the forum with requests, if the player is easy to find. It’s not like Host is using a weird username different from his player name or some such…
If no answers, THEN you put up signs in-game, and you make the message easy to understand.
Seems like basic etiquette.

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Report the signs and/or beacons in game.
@majorvex Care to add some words of wisdom?

There are enough ways to notify host. This is unnecessary to put up such signs. This should have stayed private. As we are redoing the mall we see enough people around that probably know host and could get you in contact with host.
There is enough “traffic” as you are working on your project as ledgendvill isn’t that far from dk mall.

I have searched for multiple during projects of mine in the past (for owners of beacons):

  • discord
  • forum
  • ingame asking around, pm
  • (psn as im on ps4 i can pm PlayStation users that way to)

In my opinion they haven’t even tried at all like @Goblinounours pointed out @HOST is known as Host on multiple platforms.


Isn’t this a violation of the CoC?


Maybe the portal’s host were in violation of their weird portal guidelines they used to have. PS used to label portal in the same way if you had a home portal at a shop area

Don’t choose a real word as a name tag to avoid confusion lol

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I’m pretty sure using one’s name as something that could be considered as ‘shaming’ is a thing in-game as much as on the forum, so I’d say “yes”.

Then again, if we follow the CoC, the “necro-post” thread is also a violation of the CoC, soooo…

I don’t think the devs are going to act for that level of offense in-game in a timely manner, and leaders like Majorvex have no-more power than any of us in-game either. It’s gonna be up to Host to be able to defuse this mess with LegendVille in a way that doesn’t escalates things further.


@BabyCookie when I do I let you know :heart: much appreciated

i totally agree with you there bro, but I’m being placed as a baddy while the issue is not me
we had the devs involved about some areas on legendville and I got told, as long as it’s within the rules of compactness I’m able to keep it, and this they know I also recorded it for my own safety.
but me being the good guy I gave all the plotted area around the legendville away to them!
when ilegend forgot his beacons I claimed in behalf of him to protect it proof below

I then floored most of the areas up, anyways like I said I gave them away
I got my big area left and a few spaces within the legendville area still that i did not let go off
and I cannot be asked to just get rid of it also because legendville is in my heart
i have the freedom to keep it as it is

and while I’m not causing any drama, never did I do wrong there. my image got damaged by rumors

all I want for them is to leave me alone with the plots I got there currently without bugging me about it every single time.
first, all my areas got a wall, now I got signs placed in front of my areas, I wonder who the bully is here

you know I can write a whole article and defend myself but I’m getting tired of this drama
JUST LEAVE ME ALONE I have a lot of patience but its really being drained at the moment
when you really pushed my limit i will take actions


no the violation is having more than 1 area on my name connected to the legendville

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That’s their issue? That you have too many beacons spread-out across the settlement?


Guild town violation. Hahahahahaha. So stupid! Who cares about legendville. #nobody It’s been dead for over a year if not longer. I hope you do take it over.
Get out the deco topaz. There’s building to do. :rofl:


I have to agree with @HOST that is a bit much… A simple PM on the forum/discord or in game… It’s not like you are hiding from anyone. And I do agree 100% you do what you want with your plots unless you did agree to something (just in general… Not saying you did or didn’t). This to me is something I would consider against CoC. Hopefully whomever did this realizes how they have proceeded this and things work out for both parties :slightly_smiling_face:.

To my knowledge James has already taken action in that general area (a few times). If he left specific plots (ie: the ones shown in the pics owned by Host), then the decision has been made and everyone needs to respect it and move on.

Curious: did they tell you why they put the signs up? Holes in the floor? Old signs from before James took action in the area? I wonder if they’ve been on anytime recently?


I’ve already had experiences of James coming down from the Heavens to “take action” in super-speed without doing the proper community-management / mediation job, ending-up with situations not being fixed at all. He never was the right person for that type of job.

I asked the same thing previously :

It isn’t the holes :wink: unless they actually checked, not all “reserved” plots are owned by host…
I went to take a look around (earlier today) was curious srr.