To those that


PLAYERS ‘‘assume’’ too much! PLAYERS want to much to be added to fit their own liking of the game! PLAYERS follow other PLAYERS quite easily! PLAYERS mirror other games to much!

me as an own game server owner and regular DLC patcher I see this behaviour in each forum, in each game.
yea I do understand that a game needs frequent updates to keep up with the community
and to stop the ‘‘dead game’’ mentioning

this comes to mind that in most cases it is the players that ruin the game, not the developers!
as for boundless, the devs are open minding, sharing content, listening to the stories everyone has to say,
and its really hard to find a game with such nice developers.
don’t u think its time to support them as well? instead of posting all this prestige, footfall, dungeons crappy doodle?

like I like to say ‘‘got an issue here’s a tissue’’ (or send in a support ticket :wink: )

lets all just enjoy the game and feed the devs with suggestions, because if it was me I would have added a bin node to the forums for all the bin material I see flying by.

if a player breaks the rule and I do recommend you read it first because I’m pretty sure 75% of the players just hit yes if it tells you if you agree to the terms without reading any terms so here ya go --> terms
then if a player breaks any of those I’m pretty sure they will be at it :wink:

maybe its time for a SettleMentor haha


Not sure why this had to be posted but i gotta say. I have never seen a game get killed because too many people want too many different things. The community only gets stronger because the player base the game appeals to is made clearer. I say people should suggest anything they want, for example some perv may want a strip club system. Will it make it into the game? Probably not, but at least we know that this game will not feature sexual content now. The devs are amazing here, and they often ask us what we want as players, and even let us choose which which models for items, or creatures we would like to see sometimes. I just hope the devs can get through any hard times they face with the game, and community as a whole to achieve their vision while also meeting some expectations.


anything else?


I don’t know what you mean by that. Is English your first language? I know sometimes it’s difficult to use terms or common sayings in another language and apply them to English. For example, in Turkish when you say “anything else” it usually means, “is there any other stupid ■■■■ you want to say?”. I hope you don’t mean that though, lol.


I’m just going to throw in… developers killed SWG, for the record. They put in a combat “upgrade” after a couple years, and within months the game was a ghost town. There is value in listening to the players, and choosing what’s important and what is not.

Another case, ATVI (Blizzzard), just lost about 3 billion USD in market cap because they introduced a game that it’s fans dislike (even though its guaranteed to print cash). That was also in a rising market. Many analysts pointed out that they might have lost touch with their player base.

Striking a balance is difficult, but it needs to be done. It seems like the developers are listening at least, even when they don’t take the players’ advice.


I get what you’re saying and will actually agree with you. The players killed Destiny. “Nerf shotguns!” They cried. “Fusion rifles too OP!” They whined. “Hand cannons :sob:,” they moaned. And before all that it was auto rifles - imagine that… charging a fully automatic weapon head on doesn’t end well for you. Who knew?

And then they nerfed Icebreaker, a sniper with ammo regen, one of the most fun weapons I’ve ever seen in gaming. And then the Vex Mythoclast was a tiny bit broke in PvP so they made it worthless in PvE when they “adjusted” it.

This is why I scream whenever a nerf negatively impacts fun in Boundless. I don’t want to see that happen here. Beware the boy who cried nerf.


Don’t kink shame me!


Wait, no strip clubs?? I was gonna name mine Krollbar’s!


I 2nd the strip club. Way too much pants in this game.


Can’t forget the Subtle Cuttle!


Honestly, I would spend real cash for some pants in the game.