Today is the 2nd day of the 13th month of the year 188 PGT of the Oortian Calendar

I just did a thing… and you read that right- if you created a character within 2 RL days of launch (by midnight 9/13/18 GMT), you will be 189 years old in about 26 RL hours…

Actually I took some liberties with this calendar to round things off, so you’d be closer to 220 years if I used the parameters of the Gregorian Calendar… but who’s to say how long it takes our planets to revolve around the sun anyway? Allow me to explain the Oortian Calendar:

According to @lucadeltodecso, 1 Boundless day = 24 Earth minutes. That means 1 RL day = 60 Boundless days, 6 RL = 360 in game. I decided for major convenience that I’d make each RL week equal 1 year in game, so Oortiversal years are 14 months of 30 days apiece, totaling 420 days.

So to put it simply, as of server midnight tomorrow, 189 RL weeks will have passed since the beginning of the first full week of launch. Ergo, the year will be 189 PGT (Post-Great Transmigration).

I’m open to suggestions on the formula but can’t imagine anything more convenient than 1 week = 1 year. I’ll definitely accept any suggestion I like more than “PGT”, which was the best I could think of while doing the rest. “Sorissian Calendar” isn’t set in stone either. Above both of these though, I want names for the 14 months. They could be named after devs, influential players (bad idea?), planets, items, whatever. Have at it!


You literally made a fake calendar for a video game.


A suggestion you may like more than AGT

I don’t like America’s Got Talent either, so I have a suggestion

Post-Transmigration, or PT
so 189 PT


Ewww America’s Got Talent… is PGT already a thing? PT has multiple meanings already and tbh it may just be the Star Wars fan in me but I like the flow of the 3-letter denotation.

Edit: Going with PGT for now.


I will start planning your Oortian funeral…


Not old in Yoda years :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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tbh that’s a better idea
lets do it

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We came after great Oort, whose tech remnants we mine to reverse-engineer what we can.

So maybe Post/After Extinction of the old race?

Like AE (After Extinction) - or AGE (lol) After Great Extinction?
It would be AGE 189 so.
And it must be Oortian Calendar, right?


Well we’d start counting from when we arrived in the galaxy and established society. I don’t think Great Transmigration sounds very cool so I’d like to pick a better term but I think it should still reference that event. This isn’t it but could be something to work with: AOT, [in the] Age of Oortstone Travel

And idk about Oortian Calendar due to the official lore being that we’re Citizens, but it will be more appealing to everyone than Sorissian so that’s the new name to beat! Maybe Citizen Calendar? Confusing name to give our species, I’ve never been a big fan of that either.

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Citizen’s Emergence? Wait… CE is already taken.


Well. It is pretty obvious, that the oortians once where a great galaxy spanning species, that most likely through war or a dimensional cataclysm was facing extinction. To avoid it they build the sanctum which is a transdimensional place where all oortians are either in stasis, cloned or quantumintertwined. So the real question would be how they measure time, if they have a transdimensional space


Please don’t tell me that the oort calendar ends on 2012 PGT :slight_smile:


So we past 100 years for “Heat death” \ (^-^) / that means we Boundless will stay up for more time