“Toggle click”/“toggle trigger” mode to prevent RSI

If toggle trigger mode is on, tapping r2 makes you continuously place blocks (or whatever) until the trigger is pressed again.

Same for mouse clicks.

Yes bla bla botting but botters have macros anyway. And you can already do this with a rubber band or textbook (someone said before they use a hairbrush on their mouse - must be a really sensitive mouse or a giant hairbrush!). It would help regular users and I don’t think it would let botters do anything they couldn’t do already.

This would really help with building. I already sort of do this with a Velcro cord wrap on PS4 when building (instead of a rubber band), but a toggle would help for this and for long mining sessions too, also maybe for chiseling if you’re skilled.

On PS4 it seems like dpad-right is unused. Could be used to toggle modes.

Yesterday I spent 5 hours building roads and floors, for example. Wouldn’t be possible without velcro


I’m not a booter, but I do use the click hold feature. I have this by default on Mac, no 3rd party software, and I do see the benefit of having it, and it dose make life easier on my finger :slight_smile: .

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