[Togome] --[Metal Tier 6 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


Gleam spot, 1117, -1495… I like this, nice subdued blue-green, another one good for water builds I think.


Lucky you I found no resin on any exo yet :disappointed:


:open_mouth: I usually just accidentally just run across some. Do you have some for an atlas? I’ll give you some


I just didn’t get on quick enough to have a wonder. And guessed by the time I heard about a new one too late to get some anyways it would have been cleared out but thanks for the offer :grin:


Can anyone take a screenshot of the glowing mushrooms for me? I might need a bunch for a build, if they look really good in gloomy ambience, but it’d be expensive to go for a stack or two if they’re not that pretty.


there is none on the planet.


The other current exo has/had these:



Yeah, I might need to go back for those, but it’ll be expensive simply for those shrooms. x_x;

Though then again, buying a stack or two would just end up more expensive. øwø;;;



Thanks @bucfanpaka for the gleam coords!

Did anyone else find any gleam spots not floating in the air? It’s not that easy to do this on PS4… LOL


Here’s coords for a good gleam spot - 1160, 819, 218.

The gleam is for the most part 3 or 4 wide there, so you can tunnel and regen fairly easily. Just be sure not to regen yourself off the cliff ;). Warp to those coords, hammer down three blocks to altitude 215, and then start tunneling east. You can tunnel two levels before you hit rock and need to regen.


I love the floating bricks- it makes it look like the place was being deleted or something. We need a few new planets that have these awesome landmarks…


Anyone who’s picked the Gleam got a screenshot of how it looks in the dark? Want to see if it’s worth paying the fee to go back. øcø;


Here ya go! :slight_smile:


Ominous. Gleam glow seems a little too dark to be of much use, though. ømø;

Thanks for the screenie, it’s very appreciated.


Found use for this gleam in a little forest build I’m working on… Stuck some under some narrow water ways, with white brick on the sides… Gives a nice subtle glow.


That’s…actually a very good idea. Maybe I should go for at least a little gleam for the waterways in the massive cave I’m making. Thank you.