[Togome] --[Metal Tier 6 Exoworld]-- [Inactive]


∟Accessible via CARDASS at 42 blinksecs :: (Warp Cost : 3400c)
∟Last until August 10, 2019 12:52 PM
∟Server : EU Central

Blocks Color

Blocks color have been pulled out from data, some blocks may not exist on the planet.

Gleam - 47 Dark Turquoise

Igneous - 245 Silk Turquoise
Metamorphic - 47 Dark Turquoise
Sedimentary - 113 Stale Turquoise

Ancient - 80 Stale Red
Lustrous - 51 Oxide Yellow
Twisted - 168 Light Fuchsia

Exotic - 168 Light Fuchsia
Lush Foliage - 169 Light Red
Waxy - 132 Light Lilac

Clay - 26 Silk Cherry
Peaty - 16 Dark Fuchsia
Silty - 70 Silk Magenta

Barbed - 118 Stale Berry
Gnarled - 26 Silk Cherry
Verdant - 70 Silk Magenta

Ash - 72 Warm Fuchsia
Gravel - 49 Oxide Azure
Glacier - 113 Stale Turquoise
Growth - 168 Light Fuchsia
Ice - 110 Ashen Turquoise
Mould - 28 Silk Orange
Mud - 70 Silk Magenta
Sand - 99 Light Sepia
Sponge - 112 Rust Slate
Tangle - 72 Warm Fuchsia
Thorn - 8 Dark Lilac

Cloneflower - 87 Warm Viridian
Gladeflower - 87 Warm Viridian
Ghostflower - 119 Warm Violet
Spineflower - 55 Deep Turquoise

Desert Sword - 54 Silk Teal
Oortian’s Staff - 59 Silk Cobalt
Rosetta Nox - 81 Warm Orange
Spineback Plant - 54 Silk Teal
Stardrop Plant - 134 Ashen Berry
Traveller’s Perch - 72 Warm Fuchsia
Trumpet Root - 76 Warm Cherry
Twisted Aloba - 73 Warm Magenta

Branch Funnel - 14 Dark Orange
Clustered Tongue - 70 Silk Magenta
Glow Cap - 166 Light Berry
Molted Tar Spot - 26 Silk Cherry
Tinted-Burst - 73 Warm Magenta
Weeping Waxcap - 28 Silk Orange

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Brought to you by @majorvex.


This planet has some neat structures, from sky high walls of mountain, to flat squares of ice

Yes this is a gleam mountain

(also is it just me, or was there different/new music theme used on this planet)



Eek, second shot there! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: If that were a permanent, a bunch of plots would be getting set down… that is just too pretty! Edit: Oh yeah, looking at the video… what gorgeous forests, want! :wink:


ah. what a waste of 3.400 coin

I mean… I found LOTS of minerals, but yeah, no rift, blink or umbris, and I broke a 9000 coin hammer before I could gather a proper number of combustion particles. :’(

These are on T7s

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Only just managed to get my first bit of primordial resin before it was pretty much cleared from the planet, that stuff doesn’t hang around for long.

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I only found mud and tangle at a resin spot.


Honestly there wasnt much… 0.07 when i landed … was like 2nd on the planet.
Maybe if i would guess… 10 to 15k if it

I was really lucky to find a little patch not too far from where I landed which then gave me some to put in my atlas to find a couple more but they were disappearing really fast off the atlas … reminded me a bit of the gleambow race.
If you need some let me know and you can have some of mine.

@GreyArt247 I found some resin, but thank you. Found that mud only.

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Any good gleam coordinates? At work, but I’ll try to hop on tonight and find some if no one has any yet.

gonna do my round soon, i will check if theres is any good spot.

Massive walls of it in the air at -1008, 1276

If you get up high enough on the outer most wall you can find some good 3 wide patches of it to farm then regen while hanging from your grapple.

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These exos just get more and more land features to them…so awesome


Beautiful shots! :heart_eyes:

Just jumped on and grabbed a few… I know in theory I could take the blocks, leaves, and grass seed and recreate these forests elsewhere. Tempting I admit. :joy: Just too pretty!!

Edit to add more!


I would so do that if it was easy. This place had really nice trees/forests.

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