[Tokmiatt] --[T5 - Turbulent Corrosive Exoworld]--


I forgot to mention… for me this will be very much remembered as the sponge Exo. There is sponge everywhere, huge caves full of it… I have never seen so much sponge.

1 of probably 20 caves I came across while doing the atlas.


did you happen to save a good sponge location?

Several… location tokens at my shop as well as TNT Serp


which orbs do we get from sponge?

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Tokmiatt (T5-Corrosive Exo) Samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam (Silk Magenta) is an exo exclusive repeat color so here is your chance to collect some more … Tokens for the following are available: Clay for your farmers, Growth with Mould field patches, Mud, Thorns and Sponge… Concrete mats: Just got location for Sand for my fellow concrete makers… enjoy my friends :slight_smile:

lil late to the party… I blame work but better late then never :slight_smile:


Anyone find a good ice or glacier spot? Yes I know I can solidify for ice but I need a lot

Or growth

MAN!! I never even thought of trying that!!

The night berry brick…is actually really nice. I think it’s my favorite sedi brick. I don’t usually like the sedi bricks.


There are 2 or 3 large lake regions with massive icebergs floating in the middle (not sure if glaciers or ice mainly). They look like big blue spots on the atlas with a couple of dark bits in the middle. If you warp to the planet then go to the sanctum you should be able to hit one with a warp augment pretty easily

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Beautiful pics! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Boundless worlds have such atmosphere! :+1:

I noticed the amount of sponge as well! Good for jumping down, haha. Also love the sedi here too, I’ll be making a bunch of bricks of it at some point I’m sure. :slight_smile:


How much does black go go for?

I think people buy goo kernels 50-65c each I think? My baskets are within that range anyway

Been a while since I sold them, but used to sell them easily at 150c+

@Spoodle was buying for like 75 per goo kernal. Not sure if he still is or not since that was a couple weeks ago

Available by transformation:

I was a little slow on the marble this time. But it’s quite nice. Available at Nae’s Marble and Bricks at DK Mall!!


Such a gorgeous color


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