[Tokmiatt] --[T5 - Turbulent Corrosive Exoworld]--

Beautiful pics! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Boundless worlds have such atmosphere! :+1:

I noticed the amount of sponge as well! Good for jumping down, haha. Also love the sedi here too, I’ll be making a bunch of bricks of it at some point I’m sure. :slight_smile:


How much does black go go for?

I think people buy goo kernels 50-65c each I think? My baskets are within that range anyway

Been a while since I sold them, but used to sell them easily at 150c+

@Spoodle was buying for like 75 per goo kernal. Not sure if he still is or not since that was a couple weeks ago

Available by transformation:

I was a little slow on the marble this time. But it’s quite nice. Available at Nae’s Marble and Bricks at DK Mall!!


Such a gorgeous color


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