[Tokmiatt] --[T5 - Turbulent Corrosive Exoworld]--

@majorvex @gorillastomp maybe it’s just me but the silk magenta color in forums looks very different the silk magenta in game - might be my screen?

I used the color from the file to create these small icons.

Every block have kinda their own color because of the texture.

Gleam can look different due to the light it emits aswell.

I can take look if there is not an issue with the icon thought.

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It depends on the planet atmosphere, the time of day, the lighting, etc. There are many times resources look like a different color on an Exo than they do on your home planet. I think colors on lucent planets are usually the most “off”. Just like the water looks gray on Gyosha, but it looks blue when I take it to Segi.

If you are wanting a gleam with that bright fuchsia/magenta color, I think it’s on Circarpous (Hot Magenta) :blush:

The gleam on this Exo does look more saturated & brighter than it actually is. Most “silk” colors are a bit muted/dusty.

A few more screenshots :slightly_smiling_face:


The Purple Cult shop (located in the Fancy Market on Alder) is buying night berry sedimentary rocks 1c each!

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I’m not sure…but maybe I should have offered a towel? perhaps run away with a howl? or…turned my head? but I snapped a picture instead.


The Night Fuchsia is a nice addition to my new concrete shop


If it drowns in there and you solidify it, do you get a fossilized goat in amber? :smiley: Like a very big


I need this block.


Completed 99c atlases and some free location tokens now ready at the usual place at Exo Explorers on Lasaina (main portal from PS Hub Boori)

Completed 99c atlases and free location tokens in the TNT Serp hub for easy access when heading to the Exo via the TNT Megahub in case you forget to bring yours.


Pictures of resources in atlas and various locations



I forgot to mention… for me this will be very much remembered as the sponge Exo. There is sponge everywhere, huge caves full of it… I have never seen so much sponge.

1 of probably 20 caves I came across while doing the atlas.


did you happen to save a good sponge location?

Several… location tokens at my shop as well as TNT Serp


which orbs do we get from sponge?

Pulsating 10 chars


Tokmiatt (T5-Corrosive Exo) Samples and tokens are up in my museum… Location: PS G-TE - Lil Porkchop Block Museum (behind PS Gleam portal)… Note: Gleam (Silk Magenta) is an exo exclusive repeat color so here is your chance to collect some more … Tokens for the following are available: Clay for your farmers, Growth with Mould field patches, Mud, Thorns and Sponge… Concrete mats: Just got location for Sand for my fellow concrete makers… enjoy my friends :slight_smile:

lil late to the party… I blame work but better late then never :slight_smile:


Anyone find a good ice or glacier spot? Yes I know I can solidify for ice but I need a lot

Or growth

MAN!! I never even thought of trying that!!

The night berry brick…is actually really nice. I think it’s my favorite sedi brick. I don’t usually like the sedi bricks.


There are 2 or 3 large lake regions with massive icebergs floating in the middle (not sure if glaciers or ice mainly). They look like big blue spots on the atlas with a couple of dark bits in the middle. If you warp to the planet then go to the sanctum you should be able to hit one with a warp augment pretty easily

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