Tool belt/utility pouch

There is a 4 year old topic that didn’t seem to go very far with this very suggestion. I didn’t want to necro it so I am posting another …

Purchasable / earned in some way tool belt/utility pouch …

This would be a useful cosmetic item that could be sold in the game store or earned via the rewards system.
A separate -permanent- inventory to hold things you always want with you like portal conduits/regen bombs/light source(whatever your preference is)Weapons/food/etc.
I would pay real money for this even if it were obtainable through game play.
Or even additional bags or a backpack. Anything to increase the space used to hold items that are always used.

A second possible use would be …

To have separate belts/bags for each skill page. That way you have weapons/food/buffs on your hunter … hammers/mining buffs on your miner … chisels/etc on your builder page.

Game life would be so much simpler if we could carry what we used ALL of the time with us instead of having to decide what is most important to have in inventory for THAT moment.

bags of marshmallows


yes! This is something I would definitely purchase

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