Tool repairs

Is there any way to repair low durability tools?


Not yet…but hopefully soon.

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Not for the moment, we believe the forge will be able to maybe do it, but there’s no confirmation from the devs, from what I know.

And I feel like the current durability and production ratio is fair enough.

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Alright. Thank your :slight_smile:

I think I remember an old discussion talking about the ability to repair tools being an economy killer. If you could repair that gem hammer would you ever buy a new one?
Not my opinion just somthing I remember. :smile_cat:


You have a good point, Jeff


I really wanna argue that point but the more I think about it the more it makes sense. I want there to be a constant need for tools at shops and a repair option would make that difficult. DANGIT!!! well now I’m against repairing!!!


It wouldn’t be difficult to make a repair option that uses, say, half the same materials that were put into making the original.

This would still be cheaper than mass crafting, and there’d be a balance between people who just don’t care enough to go acquire those specific materials to repair, and those actively involved in harvesting those materials for trade purposes already for whom it’s a no-brainer since they make their own tools anyway.

Edit: If you wanted to be super smart about it, you could even make it so that the starting repair cost is 75% materials, and could be reduced down to 25% through some sort of acquirable skill. That would provoke even more trade with some people willing to sell their nearly-destroyed weapons at say 30-60% cost to people who (invested in the repair skill and) can repair them for 25% and still resell for a profit.

True, but I think it would take some pretty fine tweeking to get it just right.

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Or perhaps you could only repair tools if you invested in a repair skill? I know tools don’t really have material costs that can be divided into quarters for all materials, so just make it a (fairly far down some tree) skill that people could invest in or skip.


There’s definitely potential there.

Repairable tools sounds like a nice option but one has to consider how that takes a big bite out of commerce. Part of this games appeal is the interaction in the community and a healthy competitive trade avenue plays an important role. So, I would have to toss in a nay vote on repairing.


If it’s tied to a skill that not all people would take, it would actually increase commerce variety. Some people would sell near-broken tools for around 25% to people who invested in the repair skill, who repair for 50% cost and can resell for 100% value (25% profit for both the broken-seller and the repaired-seller).

Conversely, some people wouldn’t bother reselling near-broken tools, so they’d need new tools anyway.


Recycling instead of repairing could be an option too. If you could get 10 to 50% of materials back from a worn out tool (amount tied to a skill). You would still need to get new tools (you would just have some of the resources back).


Also a good idea, although 10%-24% (assuming normal rounding) would get you back a fossil dust or two and maybe a stick for recycling most tools, and no one really cares about either of those, so there’s really no reason for more than one rank of the skill that would land you at 50% recoup.