Toolbelt epic for decorators

With all my chisels, hammers, axes, loot stick and such, I have so little space for the materials I want to use those chisels ON :wink: I’d love if a decorator with the decorator epic can unlock a special toolbelt epic for moooarrrr space :wink:


Or maybe make it a stepped skill, each skill point you put into it unlocks a tool slot. up t o 5 points or 8 idk.

I for sure would want one to hold my chisels I always carry around at least a ss of each type of chisel plus the complete set of gem chisels in case i work on anything titanium or above… all the chisels i carry knocks out about 6-8 slots in my inventory.


I don’t work with gem stuff much, so I just carry the 6 basic chisels and 3 forged chisels (undo, lattice, and change) on my building character. If I start working in gem stuff, idk if I’m going to do 15 slots, I’ll have to sacrifice something.

I use the gem chisels just because they stack not because I chisel gems.

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I’ll have to consider the cost/benefit of that. Thanks for the tip!

I’ve switched to keeping a stack of gem chisels around because of this.

6 chisel types, 3 forge types, 1 stack. It’s SOO nice. I have/make/forge all of the chisel types for various things so, gems are not all I use - for a massive job I might also make something more cost efficient.

Specific to the general suggestion though, I’m for almost any inventory upgrades. You could call it a … well nevermind. Toolbelt Epic is fine.

I’d rather a backpack/pants/whatever though. Both due to being wearable, and also due to the fact that we might get it more quickly than a rework on the new skill system.


I do, stack of stone, stack of iron and copper combined, stack of silver and gold combined, a stack of gems with lattis, transform, ect. Stack of diamond unforged hammers, stack of plotters, stack of food, and something else.

I have been saying there needs to be a backpack epic, one for hunter(revive sticks, bows, heal bombs, fists, heal potions) slots, builder(hammers, chisels, plotters) and one for several other specs, but can choose only 1 at a time, like health and energy epics.

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