Tools breaking


I find it annoying that we can break tools in about half an hour after we finish forging them soo with that being said let’s say the devs made tools repairable I would like to hear people’s methods on how this could be implemented without breaking the game. This isn’t a post on fighting one way or another you can fight that battle someplace else. This is a post for people to share ideas on how to make tools repairable without breaking the game.


I would suggest to make the mat cost be half or a little more than half the cost to forge the item?


I’d like to see forged tools repairable… maybe in the forge with i don’t know maybe a repair paste or something along that line…


This would create inflation for the mats it’s a great idea.


This could add a rng method to repair something which in turn uses up a different set of mats creating inflation great idea.


Actually it would devalue them since the material requirements to get a replacement tool would cost just half what it normally would.


You would have to look at it from my point of view say a lot of people buy gem tools instead of forging themselves now those people start buying the mats instead which in turn would create more of a demand for the mats.
Now let’s say not as many people are buying forged tools because they can just repair them. You would think the market would bomb. But not everyone will want to gather the mats so demand for the mats will go up. The person who is selling the gem tools would start selling the mats to recoup some of the loss from slower sales then on top of that they will raise the price of the forged tools to around double what they are now because people will buy them knowing that they won’t break and can just buy the mats when they need to repair it.


The only way I could see this possibly working is if it was something similar to the hunger/stamina mechanic.

The max durability is reduced each time you repair the tool in question, it will then get to the point where it is no longer economically viable to repair, and you have to replace.

It would then not kill the market for tools, and add a market for repair item.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to repair in the forge, it would be some sort of craftable item that you could apply at any time.

If you forget to apply and let the tools dura get to 0, it should still break.

No need for a further safety net.


That’s not how economics work, less need for raw materials to do the same thing = less demand.

Repairing unforged tools might work, but not forged. How would you even determine what materials are required to fix the tool.


You could repair the forged tool by putting in a tool of the same type along with half the forged materials used to make it. Increase the repair time from what it took to finish forging to 3x that.

This would make forging the faster option than repairing. But honestly i think things are fine the way they are.


Another idea of repairing tools would be forge a repair buff quirk on your tool while tool is in your hand it will start repairing itself


This would also make sure you need less forged tools, which means people would need to forge less, also means they sell less and thus prices will go up…


Lower demand results in lower prices. Look at power coils. Most people have their coils now, so prices are dirt cheap.


Just an idea


The thing people dnt understand is we arnt importing goods here. Somebody will buy that initial tool even if it cost more because they know it will last them.


And the problem with power coils is that after you buy them you don’t need to get them anymore (unless you expand your workshop) which is a problem that surrounds the game as well, not enough items that perish and we have one, forged tools, that perish and with this suggestion that will not be the case any more eiter…

I also would consider closing my forgery shop 'cos I would stop seeing the point in selling them.

We can of couse try to find a middle ground, that the one who did the original forgery (haha, unintended plug for my shop!) is the only one who can repair it… for a fee of course…


Change it to that it can only be repaired by the player who forged the tool and I’m all for it!

It will keep forgery shops in business…


Oh, maybe we are on the same page then. I am against the repairing of tools. I think it’s practically the only item in the game that currently has market value. If we decrease the price of it, the market is done.


Has anyone else played Wayward? That game has an interesting mechanic where every time you repair a tool it’s max durability is reduced. Maybe that could work well for Boundless too. You can repair to get more life out of your tools, but eventually the durability drops so low that it just isn’t worth it anymore.

Edit: just noticed @fidach already mentioned this. So I’ll just add, the durability loss on each repair can be quite steep if necessary. I’m actually thinking it might be about right for each repair to cut the max durability in half (so 2000 to 1000 to 500 to 250 to 125 to why am I still repair this it sucks). So the total durability you can get out of the tool approaches but never reaches 2x the original durability.


by doing that tho it could also turn alot of people off to buying forged gear and just makeing it them self’s if it means after a day of use they have to try and get a hold of the shop owner to fix it and then it also gives the addend problem of some forge shop onwers may not offer that service cuz they just dont have the time to be both acquireing the mats for new tools and puting them up for sale has well has hand tradeing already sold ones to repair.