Tools doing the occasional Double Tap?

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So every now and again when I’m using a hammer or chisel I notice that the tool gives a double tap, I don’t have any quirks or defects on them like wonky trigger and its a bit annoying. It doesn’t matter how much care I take, every now and again - wham, 2 taps. This either results in my hammer hitting something I didn’t want it to, chiselling a block twice instead of once or transforming the block into one I did not want, meaning I have to cycle through the block again.

Anyone else noticed this or am I alone?. It may be a minor annoyance, but its still annoying.


I have this happen often. Esp. with chisels. Heck, I bought a new mouse because of it as I thought that was the problem :wink:

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Do you have the “Builder’s Buff” guild buff active?

Can you also check this option in the Setting->Game menu

I think these are only for block placement speed, but worth a check to see if they actually help at all.

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yes - last few days I was terraforming around my town and my 3x3 axe that I use for clearing unwanted grass did double-hit so many times

it all looked like occasional latency spike though rather than a bug

@Stretchious - good points; in my case though it doesn’t happen with most tools; I was using shovels and hammers and placing blocks around and slope chiseling as well, but the axe was the only one that behaved like that (and with gem chisels the fastest tools in my hand I would expect them to go out of control upon a lag); and it looked like a bit of a lag each time (that milisecond picture freeze and then sudden camera jump to a new position slightly to the side like after unfreeze); would my axe be the unlucky one to get those though haha

Aye, most likely a latency spike.

@Morkaen If you’re on PC, could you run the game with the Frame Time Graph and Latency Graph clearly visible (F1)? Then share a screen shot when it happens again?

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Once you reach an amount of speed on a tool it will do that. It is really annoying when you build often with high speed tools.

Its always been in the game, so only recommendation i can give you is either use slower tools or reduce speed from skills while building.

I suggested in the past if they could add and option like the block placement speed for tools aswell.