Tools Losing Durability in Inventory - Gold & Silver

Today I finally made my first Silver and Gold Hammers. I was looking forward to finally mine the gems & other rarer resources, but when I went to go use them, they broke on the first hit. Looking at them in my inventory, I notice that the Silver and Gold Hammers were losing durability just being in my inventory. They were never equipped or used. Are the hammers losing durability over time on their own, if I die, or is this just a bug? Considering the rareness of gold, it was very heart breaking when the hammer broke on the first hit, yielding no resource :frowning:

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Every time you die the first tool in a stack looses durability.
I like to stack my gold hammer behind a few silver one’s so if I do die only the top hammer is damaged.

Everything in your inventory takes 25% damage when you die. Unused hammers included.

That’s the key phrase… every tool/weapon in your inventory loses durability when you die (something I personally hope they change to “just items equipped in your quick access slots”, to make it less disheartening).


Could also change it to: [Percentage] (but at least 2) of tools and weapons starting with the highest quality.

I also felt the pain of this first run through at least you’re aware of it now.
It certainly effects my playstyle as not to die which I enjoy.

Agree with @Stretchious


exactly the reason im always carrying 10 cook meats :stuck_out_tongue:

I must of had alot of bugs because I’ve died countlessly and a lot of the time my tools don’t go down one bit. I don’t know if this is due to stone tools or what i am currently carrying 100 stone hammers. i’ve died about 4 time’s sins and not lost durability… i do keep track of my tools too despite carrying so many.

(for those who are wonder why I’m carrying so many it’s because I’m carving out a mountain)

Only the first tool in the stack depreciates a little bit of wear. Probably more noticeable on exotic tools because we’re so precious about them hahaha, In saying that I’m not actually sure if stone tools lose durability when you die, I’m thinking they don’t :wink:

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I do know what you mean as i have had silver and gold and if your in a spitter area well don’t count on uses tho’s tools. xD I get paranoid when i have the more expensive tools on me. lol

(See Dev’s see what spitters are driving people too :P)

We actually heavily nerfed the creatures for the PSX demo. The new creatures will have a basic form of balancing which shouldn’t be as tough as the spitter is currently. Although the higher tier creatures, and swarms of creatures will be a more challenging.


Ahhh yesss thank you :smiley: i hate spitters at the moment those sneaky little buggers.I’m glad the the higher tier creatures are harder tho it sets a good challenge :wink:


We’re hoping to add some hit feedback on the screen as well. But this might have to wait for the next update.


lol, I was just going to say if you think it’s tough now wait until we get all these new creatures running around. Hahah. Caving will never be the same. I get so freaked out by those scratchy noises in the dark

I’m not going anywhere without my squad