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We will need topaz for refinery power coils. Has anyone had any luck finding any, in the absence of a shock world? In theory they should be present in low levels on the chill world.

Devs: any idea when we can expect the other elemental worlds to be added?

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Has anyone found any yet? I really would like to be able to make some signs to warn lower level folk from entering my Level 4 settlement though my portal. I have seen far too many people asphyxiate and die in front of me whilst sightseeing. I am feeling mentally scarred :cold_sweat:



Topaz is on the ice world, and it’s in the same places as you’d find it on Epsilo, and it’s just as obnoxious to find as before.

True that. I found more Sapphire then I have Topaz heh.

Also ice world = Alnitans… aka Atlantis :wink:

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Hence me asking for a rough idea when a topaz-specialising Shock world is likely to be added.
Same for toxic (emerald) and burn (ruby)

Serpensarindi is Blast.

My mistake! (Edited)

I do agree on them adding the other 3 Turbulent worlds. Having access to mostly just Diamond, Sapphire, and w/e Besvrona gives is rough. Topaz is extremely rare for having so much yelow on atlas.

Besevrona is corrosive -> amethyst

Ahh. Yea I haven’t bothered mining there yet. Did Serpensarindi for diamond for coils, now doing Alnitans for Topaz. Not a fan of the Topaz as i’ve previously said