Totem idea, just hit me!

Wait for it!

What if!



Customize our very own tótems. Like how FPS you can customize your weapons with different attachments what about maybe adding the ability to change color and designs from a library of difference designs or attachments. All cosmetics of course.

Possibly purchase with Qtips in the exchange!


It’s doable.
It’s a nice idea.
It’s…not going to happen.

Not anytime soon at least…

Poof! You see that? That’s my hopes and dreams leaving me.

I can’t imagine they will take it seriously at this time but in the future that may be a good vanity items along with clothing. We can master portal travel but we can’t figure out pants😂

Mastered is a strong word for our portal travel. We can barely keep them running! :wink:

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Well that’s just budget cuts.