Towns visible from space

It’s cool how town builds, bridges, etc. are visible from space. I think they’re visible from other planets and know I’ve seen them from sanctuary and on an atlas.

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I’m gonna share one of my ultimate Boundless goals here. On the off chance anyone wants to help me achieve my dreams.

I want to build giant googly eyes on gloviathosa, visible from other planets. I think it would be funny to see it passing in the sky


I wonder if a large enough field of gleam is visible from space?

yeah it is
the first ever megahub
was huge logo from space

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How big was it?
I tried a 4 plot by 4 plot smiley face and it was too small to see.
Must need 12 plots by 12 plots at least

yeah it had roads around it with big shops
so must be like 40on 40 probably
EA had lots off builds you could see from sky
think there stuff in archive you be suprised about

I made a giant gleam smiley in EA, just before 1.0 hit. I think it was maybe 8x8? Just barely visible from the Atlas/Sanctum. It’s definitely doable, just need lots of plots and LOTS of gleam.

I saw one on Shedu that is made out of white (cool blue) gleam. Looks like a cpu chip

I was out of coins & warp blocks so I had to run all the way across this monster to get to a portal lol


Yeah this is the most notable one I’ve found so far.

You can see the town of Anvil from the sanctum. Tho it’s not an image of a smiley face or anything.

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That would most likely be Universes, he moved from Kada I