Tpains Mini Mart Grand Re Opening

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After 2 years since my last shop was opened up on raxxa/my floating sky-mall i have completed my new shop and am excited to announce it is stocked and ready for the grand opening! Will mainly be selling Forged Gear, Basic Crafting material for new players, Non forged tools and an assortment of Gathering materials and holiday extras! Pics Below!

More Portals to come - Also Player portals for anyone who wants quick access
Current Portals to shop are TNT shopping hub(2nd Floor) PS Hub lamblis(second floor) Ult Hub Eresho Shop side, and our guilds Shop hub on Trung.

If you want a portal opened just grab a token or tell me the size of the portal and i will get it made :slight_smile: Dm me on here or Discord at Makesitlookez#5370

Hope you enjoy and make sure to yell out if you see me working like a madman above you in my forge.

Pics for portal locations

Ultima Eresho Shopping Hub

TNT Mega mall- Second Floor

Portal Seekers- Lamblis Hub

Trung Hub- Ult world portals