Trading 1440 Sapphires for other gems

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Hi all!
As per the title, I have 1440 (360 x 4) sapphires that i am willing to trade for 360 (1:1) of emerald, ruby, diamond, and amethyst or the equivalent (50 compact - ill pay for the sparks of compacting). To make it easy, i am only willing to trade full amounts (360 for 360) so i dont have bits and pieces left from each color. Contact me here or on discord (username RedY3 #6562) if you’re interested. Thanks a lot! :smiley:

If you do have 720 of a specific color, i’ll still take it and convert it to the other pair color!


I’m definitely interested but I need to go mining

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Take your time :smiley:

Since i got very few offers so far, i guess i am willing to exchange the amount i have for any amount of other gems (aside from topaz).

Trying to get that many just have tons of other stuff I have to farm to forge tools at same time

I am out of sapphires for now but i might be interested in exchanging different gems in the future :smiley: