Trading 3000 Gleambow Sacs for Topaz/Sapphire decorative blocks or selling at 3000 each (hand trade)

i rate 1 Gleambow Sac for 15 decorative blocks either topaz, sapphire or mixed

my personal fair price

1 Gleambow Sac = 3000
1 Decorative Sapphire/Topaz block =200c

(any amount trading)

i need it to finish my project

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Deal if you lower the price to 2000c for sacs…

Or a 1 to 10 ratio…

Then I will go mine some more topaz too, haha

And I will take all then, hehehehe

1 to 12 ratio is fine by me too, I paid a lil more at the end for the sacs than 2k so…

hmm cannot do that sorry since they will just get higher in price those sacs
and i can buy them deco gem blocks for 150c each so this means i lose 100% on it
and i already made it 200c per deco gem block and not to forget the one trading gets the exp as well from making those blocks, sorry my limit is really 1:15

while u can do 1:12 just add 3 more to make it 1:15 and we both are happy :slight_smile:

Ok, ok, it’s a deal! Will take me some time tho to get them all!

I have some now, but will need to go grab way more. And need to forge hammers first which is what I’m gonna do right now!

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And only if I get the time to do them all otherwise…

I mean, otherwise I will go mine to grab more topaz and then you say they are all gone is not my idea of fun :wink:

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alright sanitizes hand shakes hands

then i will let you do your thing. take your time and thank you

you said you take all so i will edit the post that you do it and when its completed i will set is as complete

Cool, after forging I will check how many I already have… And later today I’m gonna go mine at Galan (I forge on PC, my main is easier to check all storages)

Galan planetary warning: Swiss cheese mining will commence in T-3 hours! Stay clear! :joy:


alrighty, good luck

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So this is what happened to Tony!!


I have about 6k topaz deco blocks possibly more :ok_hand:t3: I’m down to do a trade

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but umm uuuurgh eeeeh…<O_O>


hey matey! sorry :frowning: i let AeneaGames do the 5200 you will have to speak to her ^^ i made a promise

i do have some spare let me check how many i can get rid of still as i need some myself as wel

Well, I think you can actually do that HOST, I mean, I’ve come to the realisation that I need a ton of topaz to make this happen :joy:

Way more than I expected to. Not sure how many I can do but sjeesh. I’ve got a whole bunch cooking right now in several different steps of the process and if I calculated it correctly it’s about a tenth of the whole lot :rofl:

I kinda doubt I will be able to do all of them, I mean it’s almost 300k rough topaz that you need to do them all!

That is a lot of mining :rofl:

So let’s do half of it, ok?

Plus, if I’m totally honest here, I invested a ton of coin and mats into all kinds of gleambow stuff that is now sitting pretty in my storages but I need to convert them to coin some day as well. I still have like 8k sacs in storage too, 8 chests full of augments, etc., etc.

Before I go all crazy and doing things to acquire more I need to see some return of my investment as well :smiley:


whatever works for you , i mean they aint running away. but yeah sure fine by me

and it does take a bit of time xD

alright well seems a trade can happen , calculate the amount you have have up for trade :slight_smile:

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Well if you don’t mind if it’s gonna take quite a few weeks I can still do most of them, am sure…

Do the deal with Jacey, subtract from the 5200, should make 4800 then after that, I will do those in the coming weeks, bit by bit!

Have a bunch for you later today, set you up at my post office at Nova Golda…

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sounds good :+1:

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I’ll log in shortly and give you the exact number of deco topaz I have.

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Turns out i have no idea where i have put these topaz blocks lol, maybe need to have a good look through all my storage areas to find them