Trading: Refined Rubies for Metamorphic Rock

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Oh, that’s good advice! Thanks :slight_smile:
Any hint for a well set up market? Therka is not very lively lately.

There’s no a well set market as is. Sometimes it’s good and selling, sometimes you don’t sell for weeks. You’ll find your niche selling stuff. Best advice I can give you is be careful with your coins.

Once you get the hand of it. You’ll notice how to be efficient.
WWhatever you need or feel like you’re low, is probably what many people need.


I rather worry reaching the end of the grind without having enough plots to complete my project to satisfaction. Did not mind there’s an end to the line still. I want to finish it before 1.0
A lot of creative, and ressource saving ideas would be needed.
And we still don’t know for sure if the servers get reset after game hits launch or even earlier.
Those are my concerns right now. Building is extremely fun, especially in combination with gleam. It is the main reason I don’t mind the grind gathering the required material the tools.

I highly doubt you’ll run out of plots, when the new skill system is tested I suspect we will all get to run about on shiny new characters with all their plots to unlock whilst still retaining access to our old characters builds.

But yeah, listen to Dz for the time being, it does get hard to earn coin once you’ve maxed the easy one - ie level 50 miner.

I do go on spending sprees and spend 5-10K in one go, however that means I have earned 5-10K in sales so I can spend it.

And on the Market just set yourself up a stall in Therka Market and Pixelgate - theres a direct portal between the 2. Therka looks quiet but someone keeps clearing out all my stalls of even stupidly priced things so there are buyers. You don’t have to live inside the market :slight_smile:

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:expressionless: Yes that’s me keeping your plinths tidy :wink: There are not many active people there. I’m focused on figuring out my pyramidal design which is time costly. So I try experimenting with new items by buying them, even if its a bit expensive.

But I need to say I try to avoid Therka market for three reasons: In order not to spend too much too often; because it is quite a stretch from my place up there; and it’s stuttering like donomo, because of the many stalls and builds there.

My experience so far is that the most selling is without doubt coal and other stuff for the day to day tool, iron, gold and fossils.

Selling is also healing-brew and its ingredients and building-blocks from different worlds.

As long there is no advantage for gem-tools over regular one (except sling-bow and grapple) , most will build one or two for the shelf and go back to make iron tools.


You hit the nail on the head with the gem tools. I don’t mine for gems, though I do use gem tools for heavy coal, so I always keep one on me - and seeing as I don’t have any gems of my own, I usually buy a new gem tool whenever my current one runs out.

I don’t want to part with all of my rock (gunna need a few hundred soon) but if you’re interested in trading two refined rubies for 500 metamorphic I can do that:p
Let me know

Sure, I can do that, haha. :slight_smile: I’m working from now until 6:00 EST, so I can trade later.

? The advantages are more durability, and faster mining. And also the ability to mine specific things such as Hard Coal and other gems. They’re also much easier to create than Gold / Silver tools. And I do the same thing by having a good bit of Iron Hammers on my character, but there are definite advantages to having gem ones.

Also, as you said, the Grappling Hooks are a definite advantage. I’m in love with them. :slight_smile:

Sounds good. Shoot me a message whenever you’ll be on(: