Trading: Refined Rubies for Metamorphic Rock

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Do you have a lot of Metamorphic Rock, Metamorphic Stone, or Refined Metamorphic Rock lying around that you don’t need? Are you in need of more gems for tools? You have come to the right place!

I have a pretty large build planned, but I don’t have nearly enough resources to build it. It will be made mostly of Metamorphic Rock, and it will reside in PixelGate. I don’t really have the time at the moment to go and do a bunch of mining, so I’d really like to barter for the resources.

I will trade two Refined Rubies (enough to make a tool) per smart stack (891) of any of the three Metamorphic variants.
Edit: On the FIRST smart stack with any given player, I will trade FOUR Refined Rubies, with each subsequent smart stack being two.

I appreciate you all. <3

I’m gonna work my way through a lot of stone in the oncoming time. I might be able to help you out a little.
Cannot give you all, since I need a few for my own building.
I’m rather interested in refined silver and fossil though.

Sounds great though. :slight_smile:

I don’t have much Silver, and I kind of hoard Fossil Extract. Haha.

If I -were- to trade Fossil Extract, what sounds a fair Fossil - Rock exchange to you?

Oh god, how am I supposed to know :joy:
I’m a low level crafter and haven’t experimented with plinths yet. Ruby would be nice to try out for a hammer though - so would be an arrangement. It would be interesting to see how many ruby hammers are needed to gather the amount of stone I get for your exchange. Or have you tried out it already?

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I’m honestly not totally sure of the durability. It’s definitely more than the tiers below it, however. :slight_smile: It probably wouldn’t pay for the entire stack alone, but using a Ruby Hammer on stone would definitely net you a good bit before it broke.

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Let’s try it out. I’ll send you dm when I have a stack together. Bit of patience required :slight_smile:

I have a few smart stacks of metamorphic stone, rock and refined lying around. I’m not too fussed about rubies, but if you have any igneous stone, blue gleam or amethysts, we’re talking.

I don’t really have any blue Gleam or Amethysts, and the bit of Igneous Stone I have, I need. >.< My apologies.

No worries. I can still trade you for rubies if you’re online tomorrow and have any left.

I’d say that’s a rip off but if people want to sell… :smiley: 2 refined amethysts, ok but rubies? >:D

what’s the most resistant ressource so far in game?

All gems. They’re on the same tier.

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There’s a Star Trek wisdom to Ferengi rules of aquisition:
Once in a while demand peace from your negotiation partner. It confuses the heck out of them.

Just in case the thread is winding itself down for a few weeks.

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Well, for me rocks are the most valuable material in boundless after all :smiley:

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Honestly, I think it’s a fairly good deal. Stone in the markets usually sells for around 2-3 per. Anything higher than that is usually still in the plinths. So, on the higher end, 891 x 3 = 2,673.

You won’t find refined gems in any of the markets for less than 1,600 per. 1,600 x 2 = 3,200.

Now, if you personally value stone as higher, than I understand that. Us builders usually do. :slight_smile:

To try and make it more fair to those who don’t believe it is, though, I edited my terms.

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Interesting. One thing I hope is that prices and average prices will be anticipational, without the need for taking notes at each and every plinth. Although I guess the longer you play the game, and the more you grow into each field, you get the feeling for the value of an item/timely cost/grade of tediousness of a profession.

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One full gem tool as close as I can remember is 600-700 blocks. Don’t quote me on that, it’s just a ballpark. Jiivita will probably know if he tests it


I guess the only way to see if it’s a fair deal is how many people take him up on it.

For me 4/5s of a gem tool you offer when it would take more than 1 gem tool just to mine the stuff isn’t worth it.

The main thing is the stuff you see still on plinths is the stuff no-one will buy as it’s too highly priced - anything sensibly priced would have been brought and therefore not available to see. Stones I’ve mostly seen for 1-2 selling, I personally wouldn’t pay 1,600 for one refined gem bearing in mind how long it takes to earn that coin at higher levels.


Depends, possibly. Because it (earning coin by raising skill levels) encourages to sell goods as well which would be good money, I assume.

The fact is many people selling, not many people buying. Case is, most higher players don’t buy high level tools, as they can get them pretty easy. They buy stuff that’s mostly easy to get, but requires grinding. While they sell stuff a little more complex, but still “cheap” like gleam and fossils, coal also.

When you get to 50 miner, you’ll notice how hard it is to make coin and how easy it is to spend it. Especially if you’re building a lot