Transfer of Ownership

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I am sure this has been stated already but It would be awesome if you could transfer ownership of a beacon and all of its plots to an alt character. Or even another person so you could sell builds without the other person needing to plot off everything themselves.


Would this mean that the buyer needs to have the number of plots available or that the seller will transfer the plots too

Have a look at this thread by James

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I would argue the recipient of the plots has to have enough plots to take over the beacon. Other wise since you can buy cubits for real cash. … you are essentially selling something bought with real cash in the game in exchange for coin or some resource. I think this would be bad for the game and increase the P2W comments.

I am still not in favor of the entire concept. . we have enough issues around plots. If you allow land speculation then you make it ok for someone to grab land near you or in the middle of your settlement and never develop it in hopes of selling it too you. You cannot call it griefing if the game is setup to allow it.

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Agreed, it sounds like it could be a thing, but Buyer needs to have the free plots, or the transaction gets cancelled

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I would love to be able to transfer beacon ownership between alts (so long as the other has the necessary plots available) but as @Kal-El said don’t like the idea between other players due to land speculation and all the associated potential grieffing.

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Land speculation imo is not a valid reason as it already happens without the ability to transfer plots.