Transformation Machine

Is it just me, or does anyone else think we need a transformation machine?

For example, I have a mass amount of Sedi rock, stone and refined stone. What I really need is Meta rock or stone so that I can make marble.

Currently I’m using the transformation chisel to transform multiple stacks of sedi into meta. It’s taking forever.

Anyone else wish they could just drop one type of stone or wood into a machine and come back 15 minutes to an hour later and retrieve a different type of stone or wood from said machine?


I know this problem far too well! After the bevel chisel, the transformation chisel is definitely the most used chisel in my toolbelt!

A machine like this would be brilliant!


Or maybe introduce the proper boon that allows you to apply transformation to all 9 blocks rather than one.

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This has been suggested many times before… I think this is my favorite concept of prior suggestions Transmutation Machine


I agree!! @Nightstar for the win!!!

I would actually love watching that little R2 unit bashing it’s head in instead of chisel changing 2000 blocks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: