Transmissions from the quarantine

Hi. It’s been a while. <3


Best of wishes from me m8. I have an elderly Person to take care aswell and one with diabeties.
We will make it i am sure :slight_smile:


Thank you. Hang in there. <3

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I hope everything goes well Dan. Have not self quarantined but I have made the decision to keep myself and the kids away from my parents as my father is high risk. I hope family emerges from this well.

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Best wishes from me as well, stay safe!! :slight_smile: I’m so glad I’m part of this wonderful community, now more than ever - you all are the best!


just had a revisit of @Jeffrotheswell build the other day…always a pleasure to slowly get lost amongst such a great build :+1:
became a full-time carer for my parents since the beginning of jan and we were already doing a pretty good job of self-isolating with mobility problems etc but now going to be tough not having the my sisters kids round for the near future (not a problem for me…they just beat me up when they see me :rofl:).
hope you et all will manage ok :hugs:
just remember that, even though we are all trying to stay as far away as possible from each other, it’s actually bringing us all closer together. (unless we run out of toilet roll in which case it’s war!!)


I am finishing up my last day at work for at least 2 weeks. Shutting the building down. The entire state of Washington is now ofishaly shut down. Not a car on the road on my way in.
So stay safe people. Read to your kids or have them read to you. Bust out the boardgames and just hunker down. Time to start that garden.
See you guys in game.


Stay safe and sane my friend. It’s coming here soon in DC. I don’t think this is going to be a “weeks” thing. Months. Take care of each other. See you in the universe <3


Boundless player peek incoming :crazy_face:

Also stay safe… go crazy with the kids