Transmutation Machine


But… how do you place the stacks of blocks down to chisel the entire stack?

I could see lucent chisels doing this though…


you hover over the stack in inv with this chisel and click it :smiley:


So easy that I’d love it


Isnt the Spray painter going to in effect change color to what you want anyway? Block changing wont be an issue really I would guess just load up the painter and add blocks. Unless Im missing something here?


Only colours with the spray. This was more towards mass changing block types.


Oh you need sedimentary black stones but only have metamorphic? Just load a stack of any colour sedimentary and add black paint and boom, no need to chisel change…


Red had mentioned refined gold.


Since others mentioned stones/rocks too I assumed Conkuur was talking about that…


Yes exactly!


Yeah, this could be used for Metals and Gems too.

We were talking about timber and stones before just because that seems to be a large amount of what most people were doing the changing for.

Sorry for the confusion and how we framed the discussion.


It’s all good! Bides the time waiting for farming to drop!!! Lol


Lol, you right.


I earned that gallon of ice cream! :stuck_out_tongue:


I have 730 compact gold that i want to change to silver so tinting machine wont help with this :grin:


The struggle is real I know. Last night had to change 2000 white sedi to meta was not fun lol


this is a great idea! i’m all in. :+1: :+1:


I like this idea. I would suggest making this a function of the pigment machine instead of its own thing. Maybe not for pre chiseled blocks but add a transformation chisel and let it transform blocks until it breaks.


How about something simple for a change? Just simply able to do a “mass” change with the chisel. Can even have a damage multiplier built in. Just for science!! … and my time!