Transmutation Machine


Hello people!

So as the title says, would people be interested in a transmutation machine? Having to do hundreds of blocks by hand isn’t practical :sweat_smile:. Maybe something like the tinting machine? Maybe also you put in the chisel you want and the block you want and the machine just uses the chisels durability to transmute the blocks!


Edit: I meant the block-changing chisels not the unforged normal ones :smiley:


I love this idea for mass changing certain blocks over. Maybe you put the chisel in the machine and come back in some time to some nice changed bricks!

This is a great idea!

I don’t know how the chiseled shape would be kept on the backend since it’s just a block changed and you can’t hold chiseled shapes in the inventory.


I think he just meant the block change chisel, not the shape chisel.

I like this but I wonder if it’d be considered too easy?


Oh, you right. I just read that wrong originally. I apologize for my lack of understanding.

Well, what if it had much less xp and took time and had to be fueled? That way it frees up time to actually do things you want to do in the game.


I’d love it if we can have that sort of machine. I’ve been wanting to make black igneous brick, but the thought of changing lots of it … i had to find other dark igneous rocks as alternative instead


I’m down with this plan. I’d say 0 XP since hand doing it is 0. Giving it a spark cost would be an acceptable tradeoff.


Is hand doing it 0? Oh, I think it must be the placing of the block that gives you xp! Its only really noticeable when gem changing blocks.


It has taken me months to work on my settlement’s roads. Almost all the road mats are type changed twice to get the desired effect. After an hour or so I get burnt out and just stop.


I can respect the idea and see the value. Unfortunately I am in the camp of thought that think the changing chisel is an exploit and is very bad for the game.

It makes no sense to me to create “scarcity” and “location specific” resources that require a lot of effort and time to get for the game player but then provide a simple “flip” tool that gives you access to that resources anyway.

This shows complete lack of congruence of game play. We see it with Regen Farming, Footfall Slides, and many other dynamics. I fear that adding this tool will just further promote cheesy and gimmick based “efficiency” ideas.

It just seems to make more sense to me to remove “scarcity” and “location specific” resources and make resources more abundant so people can just get what they want without us spending more cash and developer time on a “flip” machine.


Hmm that could work too. But thinking of it (in a hurry lol), we can see pair gem types are anyway on the same planets. Iron and copper are also abundant aaand gold and silver and a few metres away in altitude. The way i see it is it gives more freedom to people. I have thousands of gold blocks in my shop but very low stocks of silver. If we had this machine, i wouldnt have had to worry because people would just buy one and convert it to the other. That’s just me though :nerd_face:


I love the idea. Honestly getting bored in game. Building and exo is keeping me going until the farming drop. As much as I love exploring… it tends to get old. And stocking, storing, and organizing every block in the game just so I can have enough for large builds is getting old too. Let alone the time to do that. I think that this is something that would improve my game play experience. Really need something new and fresh that doesn’t require hours and hours of grinding.


I understand this with gems, but how is type changing woods or rocks a cheat or exploit? Is black mosaic or white lustrous wood having a negative impact on the game?

A type change machine would really help broaden the creative palette for builders.


With stones being a pretty basic and plentiful material though, is it changing too much to have an easier way of handling it? Most resources can be found easy enough, but when you need huge numbers of one thing for a particular complicated recipe for a build, it helps people get to the part of the game they want to do more–building.

I could see just making it more abundant. Things like certain colors for exo worlds though make for rarer resources that could benefit from mass changings that can’t just be fixed by removing “scarcity” and “location specificity” without removing what makes exoworlds special.


Great idea!


Queue the raging debate of what an exploit really means.

Overall I see your point, though. The question really becomes, since block changing is tedious is that stopping people from doing it or is making it easier for a cost making it too accessible?


As a builder, I agree :+1: I like to build with nice materials. Having to grind, craft (which still give exp) and on top of it going through all the blocks to change with the chisel with no exp reward is… :pleading_face:


Yeah I get that point for certain and really do see the benefit… overall, though, I look at the larger issues around why you have lots of one and not another. Then I look at issues on what people need regen bombs… then I look at conversations around why people hated low seed return because of grind in finding “new” resources… etc…

I just start seeing all those valid concerns and say - these are all a result of scarcity and bad resource distribution. “Why can’t we fix that?” runs through my head… If we did that I think people would be much more happy than even have to “flip” blocks… maybe…

I look at this on the specific point - color. You are flipping the wood type because you want that color on a specific wood type and the color isn’t readily available. Make colors more abundant across resource types.

The developers tried to do this with “tinting” but I think it is turning into more of a grind and not fun experience and honestly just continuing to push the main pain point (resource allocation) down the road because they put tinting behind a gate in the form of Goo.

I just find it hard to continue to support the “game design” of scarcity and do this to get that mindset that the game pushes while we release tools and solutions or create emergent game play to move away from “scarcity” and “do this to get that” mindsets.

It is like a person deciding to lose weight and works out for hours a day but then goes home and only eats gallons of Ice Cream…


One quick example is the expensive range of blocks (marble/mosaic/etc) since they require specific type of rock. This machine should make crafting them easier.


Now this, this I can completely understand. Maybe because there’s limited things to do in the game, that everything is gated so it keeps you playing it longer? As more stuff comes out, maybe the need and scarcity becomes less and less. I know certain tints will sell REALLY well once that farming happens.

It’s tough, that’s for certain. People want certain things that are rare they can show off, and others want things just so their artistic vision can take full form. I do like the idea of just having more in general, so I don’t have to hoard when I get something rare (even though I’m pretty good at spreading the wealth in that regard lol)


what about a chisel so powerfull it does stacks? :smiley: