Transparency for gleam blocks

I really love the new gleam texture but I think it looks kinda like a metal and not really like crystal. Of you give it a little bit of transparency it’ll look way more like crystal i think :slight_smile:
Your thoughts?

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Wanted to ask this a few days ago, too. But i’ve forgott it.

I Love this idea <3

what do you imagine when you say transparency? kinda like an ice cube?

so something like this?


second one :slight_smile: Not completely see through :smiley:

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Transparency would be cool…

… and sorry to do this as usual …

… BUT:

  1. It’s really quite expensive to do correctly. You need to render transparent objects in a sorted back-to-front order. As the view moves around you need to keep recalculating the ordering. (You may have noticed that the water often contains visual glitches, because it’s not currently rendered in the correct order.)

  2. Because you can see through the transparent blocks, you can’t use them during culling. This means that you ultimately end up rendering much more “other stuff” so the cost goes up again.

So transparency - cool. Is this what we want to spend our rendering budget on?


i think not as much transparency as… glassy?

kinda like this. its not really transparent, but you can see what is inside the crystal rather than it being a metal looking material, would that be more possible?

compared to this

i dont have a problem with the gleam, but i have to admit he is correct, they really dont look like gems.


That’s exactly what i thought @james :slight_smile: Not really see through.

yes the third picture is the coolest…just kinda see into the crystal with facets but not the background…is that more do-able?

As all metals ARE crystals
I don’t have any problem with the Gleam as is

is it possible this could be a toggled feature for higher end devices at a later date?

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Yah I’d like so see some semi-transparent crystals. Translucent is the word.

on second thought, what we really want is a little bit of reflectiveness. It would give a good affect.

i dont think it should reflect because it would lead to the exact same problem as being transpareent.

Perhaps later in development. Maybe even after one of the official launches, see if the budget can be raised. Otherwise, I think it would be more beneficial to help accommodate slightly less amped computers. Even my desktop (not that old at all or under par graphics wise) struggles every now and then.

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I think this is also very important for crafting - imagine a cube which is set up by translucent gleamstones and fill the core of the cube with a gleam shard. This would be a simple example for crafting a magical device or apparatus directly into the landscape.