Transparency Poll

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So with all this talk of transparency, I wonder if we could persuade the devs to be more transparent with a poll.

  • Give us transparency!
  • I am fine with the hype model. Bring on the drama!
  • Forget transparency I prefer being in the dark.

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Definitely an unbiased question format. You should write political surveys.


Transparency is hard.

More transparency directly translates to even slower updates.


This is actually very untrue. It just takes some effort. Transparency is keeping people honestly informed, not enticed by vague information.

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All I want is that they keep us updated on everything they “leak” in a phone call or private chat. There’s really no good reason why some player have more information. It feels like you’re a second class citizen if you just play the game without pestering the devs…


I agree to that, now they are past early access we should all be privey to the same info as the people who get to call them. Which this could be slowing down development too. Just saying.


Better play what is available now than wait for next big thing that is consumed fast or don’t meet all players expectations. As long as game gets engine fixes and not only cosmetic updates things are good :slight_smile:


Yes and no.

I agree but on the other hand there were players Who payed ALOT More than Basic game price… I mean we are talking about many hundreds More… If my memory has not failed… Even thousand € more.


$5000 USD was the amount


It’s kind of entitled to expect the same information as someone who is actively collaborating with the devs.

And no really, communication is hard. If they want to do it without peeving off a larger portion of the player base that is currently peeved by the vagueness, they’d need to hire a dedicated community manager (Or another one. Is james one?)

I think they’re doing a pretty good job of it for what they have. Would I like more? Of course. Do I have a right to more? No. Not even close.


My memory still rocking.


I think it is okay the way they are doing it. Most games have that dont mention anything unless it is 100% approved by higher ups. The populace doesnt really decide game updates for other games, and boundless is the same. Ultimately the devs make the decisions.


Its funny how this tread kind of proves how poorly many people handle developer information. Its not even Thursday yet and we already have people readying their pitchforks. Darned if you do, darned if you don’t.


If they could spend the time to write that massive vague post, they could have spent the time writing a MORE INFORMATIVE post.

Communication is not hard, I have worked for many firms over the years as a dev and designer and communicating with the consumer base has been one of the top priorities. So to you statement of being hard I eill have to respectfully disagree.

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If the poll had an option for “keep as is”, I’m fine with that. I have seen too many sneak peeks with let downs and I feel like less is more from dev sneak peeks.

I mean look at hunter and shields. Saw them, but not released. Just easier on people if they dont know until it happens.


Ummmmmm what we are poorly handling is the lack of information. You statement impliesnthat they have given us tons of information and we are responding to that.

When in fact we are responding to the lack of information.

The excuse that everyone would not be understanding if informed more is total crockery. Sure some people would got bat crazy over getting more transparency but the masses would be more settled down than you think.

This is true. However, the developers do read the forums and do take into consideration what is said and ideas that may be brought to their attention. I know of several/many games where the developers could care less what the players think. So at least the developers of Boundless care


Technically the third fits your option. Its just worded differently.

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This is very true!

To be perfectly honest and all my joking ways aside, I’m fairly patient. In saying that though, I am concerned whether I’ll be able to afford a Sovereign World or not. So, I am a little anxious about that. Nothing I can say or do is going to change the wait for information and pricing though. The only thing I can do is sit back and wait like everyone else. :slight_smile:

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