Treasure Chests

It’s been suggested a while back but I wanted to re-introduce the idea. A treasure chest block that distributes an item or set of items to the first person who uses it. The chest would then go on a cooldown (shut its lid or something) for an hour and then reactivate so that anyone can use it again. It would enable the owner to stock up the chest with many items or sets of items to be given away without them all going to the first person who happens across it. This would be a great mechanic to enable giving prizes, secret rewards, and freebies out to a larger group of people and I think it would also provide incentive for exploration and give further reason to check out interesting builds.


Even if I didn’t understand everything, it looks very seductive :grinning:


Hear, Hear.

A variation on the theme of a block/box/stand that will only allow a player to take one item from it. I’m not sure if the back end can make this work at the account level - but even at the character level it limits one account from being able to strip an entire shop stand.

There’s lots of desire for this. I used to keep a couple of giveaway stands at Lantern Gardens but the dynamic of blocking a single player from stripping them meant I had to load them one at a time, then wait until I noticed it was empty before adding another item.

This effectively meant that most of the time they were empty.


Yes, no mo words needed. Now you need to spread out free loot to (hopefully) give more people a chance.


I think treasure chest would be great. But until then I’ll continue to hide these around.

Also I’ve enjoyed hiding pies in the dumpsters in the slums. Knowing people eat out of my dumpsters brings me great joy. :rofl::ok_hand::v::beers: