Treasure Hunting

Alright, i will start by writing that i do not have a clue on how hard this would be to do or how much work the devs would need to put in, but i sincerly hope that they will consider it.

also by tresure it could be a chest, a certain colored block that has to be placed on a flat surface or something else entirely, that is not the point of it.

So the idea is that people who explore should be rewarded for doing so, and i have come up with a system that will both be fun and quite the competition.

Imagine that on every world there is 100 – 150 chests randomly generated into areas without beacons that players can find, when they find a chest they can activate/open it and it will disappear and the system will generate another chest at a random place so the number stays the same. at the moment there is nothing the chest could contain that would be worth it, so this is where the competitive idea come in, whenever you opened a chest it would get saved, so when you have opened 10 chests it would say so on the page like ”Zouls chests collected: 10” and if they could make the system for it, it would be shown on the site, where the top 10 people with the most collected chests would be shown on a leaderboard, every week at a set time the person with the highest amount of chests would be saved and it would reset. so it would go something like

Week 1: ”Zouls” with 114 chests
week 2: ”Squidgy” with 183 chests
Week 3: ”Hiyosup” with 142 chests

and so on, it would encourage exploring simply for the sake of bragging rights, and with the weekly reset everybody will always have a fair chance even if they bought the game 3 months later than another person who have been finding chests the entire time.

I hope you guys will support the idea and that the devs will think about it, its definitely something that would encourage exploring greatly and it would make people have a reason to log into the game every day, if for nothing else then for that.


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Some of the chest could be guarded by a protector or open a portal to an oort temple. Would make opening a treasure chest pretty dangerous :smiley:
Some chests could reward players with a treasure map that leads to a special place. If he finds it he would be rewarded with an ultra rare item.

You could have different themed rewards for the worlds. For example in a snow biome have frost themed items in the chest?

I like the different themed chests in terraria :smiley: would like to see something like that in oort with different themed loot.

this idea would just be for the moment when there is not much to do, it would encourage exploring a lot, and could easily be used later on, people need a carrot on a stick and i feel too many games dont encourage exploring, when this game gets bigger you will most likely see people just build around the capital and stay there, never going futher out.

another way would be for mobs to get progressively harder the further you get away from the capital.

Added to the suggestion list!