Tree Mechanics Questions

So now that we are all crafting, and chopping down trees. I began thinking about replanting trees and it made me wonder.

Will trees be part of the unclaimed world regeneration?
Will you be able to plant seeds and grow them?
Will growing them only work in claimed land?
If you can grow a tree will it be the same as the shape of the trees in that world, is that data stored in the world data, or is it just processed from the config at render time?
If trees are not part of unclaimed world regen. How to do plan to manage floating trees?
Any chance of cutting the base and the whole thing popping? Come on, you know you like it.


Good points :wink:

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I think he mentioned it being part of the world regen.

i think plainting and growing your own trees would be cool, but how long do you think it shoild take to grwo to a full grown tree?

There are a few stages to this:

  1. Trees will be part of the world regen.

  2. Trees will be part of farming. Trees will grow from seeds. Seeds come from trees. Seeds grow into similar trees. (In the same way we support different grass colour.) Go collect tree seeds from other worlds and bring them home.

  3. We need a solution for tree erosion.


Lore wise you can have native critters like termites devouring alien trees that don’t have defenses against them. May help tie in the regeneration effect and help it seem a bit more natural. It’ll add to the aesthetic fauna too which is a bonus!

For the floating tree problem, you can make the tree fall down once its base is cut however, the player still needs to chop down the remaining trunk in order to obtain cube sized woods for obvious reasons. This will still result to the same effort the player exerts when harvesting wood (or a bit lesser since it fell down). The only problem I see here is how will the falling down of tree be implemented. It can accidentally fell down on structures or collide with another tree.