Treehouse - new textures

Images of one of my treehouses with the beautiful new textures.
Loving the red (pink?) gleam blocks!


It looks very nice. :smiley:

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Thank you very much!

Not sure if the leaves look all gentle and cosy or as if they’re some deadly evil fungus invasion??! Run run run!

Either way - looks great.


Haha, I personally find them very beautiful plus they hide the entrance to my home exceptionally well (I had trouble finding it at first in fact)
They’re not as cute as the old ones but they are very cool and add a new organic ambiance to the home (and the game of course) in addition they look rather nice with the lanterns I say. Nice balance of a cube and organic shape.


Also thank you!

Looks so great!

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I might adjust some of the lanterns so they are more hidden in the leaves :slight_smile:

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Does light go trough leaves?

I don’t think so, but I can tuck them up a bit more so they aren’t sticking out so much :slight_smile:

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We’re going to tweak the lighting so that it does seep through the leaf blocks.


Awesome! That’s going to look amazing.