Is it possible to generate a particle flow out of the treeleaves? A leafblock so far consists of several woozily arranged smaller roundly leaves. Those could dissolve from their base and float up a bit as if they’d be carried away by the wind. Just slowly and upwards and maybe not straight upwards but more like being carried away.

There is not the need of every tree to be equipped with this attribute. I have no idea what impact this might have on performance. Probably not a good one.

I came up with this idea because it would be the next logical step in treeleaf development (from my own very greedy consumer perspective).

Glowing trees is what we had already. Flying treeleaves is new to me. then again - I believe there must be something which made this idea reality already. It is always like this.


I’m not a programmer so can’t say for certain but maybe it’s possible to add it to all leaf blocks but make it a randomly occurring effect. That way it won’t always look like the wind is blowing strongly enough to carry the leaves and also I would’ve thought that it would be less taxing.

I think it should look like a magical effect - in a way like it is the trees inherent mana or floating energy (?!?!) which might give the leaves the power to float. It shouldn’t look like the leaves are being blow away by the wind. This would be great in fact, but floating leaves would give me the impression of calmness and awe.


:cookie: You are my hero you know.
:cookie: For real I really like this idea. It could be a low frequency particle effect, and it would be
:cookie: sooo awesome.

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I support this Idea ^^

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