Trees should fall

It would make being a lumber jack more fun and interesting falling trees would cause damage and there would be more skill required to gathering lumber. Not to mention it would also look more realistic.


You just don’t like climbing around on dirt piles to get to all the stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Neither do I, it could be kinda cool to have that. Or at least a skill that if you cut the base out the rest at least drops down to the ground straight.each time you break the block on the ground

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I’m on board with an epic skill that knocks down a whole tree when cutting its base. Probably not going to be able to do a “fall over” then harvest, but maybe let it explode into the wood and foilage?


ive been saying this and it would definitely make it look realistic not just flowing foilages or wood you have to grapple up

Awesome idea, but then again most lag-fests are :smile:


if trees should fall, so would your flying/floating houses fall too ?


there’s a mod in MC that does this. every time you use an axe on a trunk it also removes all connected trunks and foliage above the block. but it doesn’t care if it is a tree or a house made of trunks, and it is very laggy when removing a bigger tree

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A game called the forest does just that, you chop it x amount of times, it falls over then breaks into carryable peices

many games do that too, but there the trees are mesh objects, not made of blocks

Yup and if trees became mesh in boundless i could only imagine how bad the lag would be


in the current state probably the only thing that could work would be a large AoE that only affects certain blocks or a mechanic that removes trunks+ foliage in wild plots when they become floating + the game likely doesn’t recognize ‘trees’. yes they are prefabs, but only the world generating tool needs to know that, game only has to know where the blocks are in the finished map (unless there are some plans we don’t know about)

EDIT: I forgot about meteors. there is at least the option to spawn a prefab

The down side to this is that many trees contain upwards of 300+ trunks and who knows how many foliage.
To take down a tree with this suggestion may only take 6 to 10 whacks with a payoff of hundreds of trunks and foliage. You could fill your inventory in minuets.
Seems a little op to me.
Thoughts? …

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I say keep it as is and add a forged bomb that only removes wild floaty tree bocks with 0 drops

It’s never done in voxel games because it’s very time consuming algorithms to check connections between 2 blocks (find a connection is easy but prove there is no connection is not and it’s needed to know when something is flying).
You can check more about that in graph pathfinding (same algorithms than gps in your cars). And in our specific case, a voxel world, it’s a gigantic graph with cycles (which is worse). Of course you can apply a lot of optimizations but it will never be good to run a mmo server because tickrate is very important. Imagine that each time you break a block that a a big algorithm has to be executed… And now multiply that by aoe tools and the number of players…
It’s the same reason water does not flow very far, because it requires way too much CPU power.
This can maybe be solved with multithreading (if the server cpu is not too busy already) but it’s a lot of synchronization effort for that feature.

The only voxel game with tree falling I know is eco. But trees are singles objects, they are not made of blocks. That’s a nice compromise.

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Guys, when they will add titans, there will be new blocks. Titan core blocks (or whatever names it will have) will have a function to maintain ur build airborne. So i assume that u will need this blocks to build things floating in the air. also i think it will need some kind of fuel as well. like portals do. :slight_smile:

Terraria I thought fell when chopped as well. I honestly can’t remember for sure because it’s been so long since I’ve played that game so I could be wrong

Is that how the mechanic is supposed to work? I always read the “air borne fortresses” as a flying air ship like the flying fortresses in Super mario bros 3 (air ship levels).

If the way you mention it is how it will work, I wonder what will happen to all the currently “floating” structures? will they fall and crumble, turning into fallen blocks that whoever is nearby can pick up? that would be both awful and awesome…

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from what i know the real"flying structures" with titan core in it will be build above current sky limit so above 255 height. Unless i remember this incorrectly. One of the devs one said that. I think James. Also those titan fights will be a group fights u will need highest gear to even think about competing :slight_smile: + the titan itself will be protected by ■■■■ loads of powerful mobs probably lv 6+ equivalent :smiley: then afer mobs will get trashed u will face titan itself and kill it. like a meteor thing and after completing this u will be able to dismantle the titan fortress core and use it for urself. Thats how they described it ages ago. Well how it will really work (if at all will be this added) we will see in the future hopefully :slight_smile:

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