Trees won't generate correctly


I have an problem since the last Worldbuilder Update. The trees won’t spawn right. They have chunk errors (holes) and the trunk won’t spawn for the most trees, I have floating Leaves everywhere…

Here are some pictures:


Can you share the world config file as a gist?

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later yes ^^

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And here it is! @james

I’ve confirmed that the world generated strangely. We’ll need to take a look at it.

/cc @lucadeltodecso


Opulus, are you also on a mac? As usual, no issues on my local linux build :confused:

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No, I’m using Windows.

Any clues @lucadeltodecso?

BTW. 4 days already?! Wtf the time did run faster then I think it does… 0.o

It’s just something need to take a look at on a windows machine here in the office, wouldn’t be able to give a date for a fix to go out for it at this time.