Trick to finding Rubies?

I’ve visited Alcyon but they seem really rare there also? Is there a spawning rule that’s makin’ some of these areas worse than others?

Might help: Depths of materials?

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I heard under a desert lvl 0-20 but I’ve yet to find any either.

Yeah I’m at 15 and under, they are just way rarer and harder to get than diamonds I guess.

Recommended reading, I mean watching :smiley:

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as soon as I get 6m bombs >.> lol

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Or forged hammer :smiley:

The video makes it look so easy with end-game materials 99% of users don’t have access to…


What are rubies paired with? Is the answer to put your time & effort into a transformation chisel or nine so you can collect its paired gem & transform it?

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Yeah, true, but it that is not the end game I don’t know what is :wink:

Dig close to lava, I found plenty with just regular unforged titanium bombs and my favorite hammer(topaz for speed), just uhhh be careful lava is deadly :skull:I think I died like ten times for a little over 100 rubies :joy::joy::joy:

I’ve searched for 4 hours… Every atlas spot i went too… no rubies, no titanium… Just chunks from a previous miner. The atlas is useless if it doesn’t update instantly… and the resource is just too scarce for me to compete with my iron tools. God i’m burnt out… The whole reason was I wanted better tools, but whats the point if its all taken and theres no way to actually track ACTUAL vein locations that still exist? Man I quit… I tried, I really did. But honestly? The way this game makes me feel right now? Is how I felt day 1 No Mans Sky after months of hype and pre order. Fml…


Which planet? I’m sure the devs are going to add more high level planets soon, so you won’t run into mined out areas as much.

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Yeah I’m kinda feeling burned out on No Man’s Minecraft (Boundless) atm. I’ve only found 5 gems ever. And 1 titanium ore.

I was on alcyon, even the yellow hot spots were robbed… I went to the ■■■■ spots hoping for crumbs… Even those were taken. Dying over and over again just to get to each location, only to finally reach it and… Nothing but leftovers… Yay fossils and a gold ore or two… Oh and another chunk of ground missing, bet I can guess what that was…No diamonds, no rubies, or gems of any kind. I went to the atlas area, I know the depth chart… But i get there and the place is cheesed with a few random sand blocks from another planet… They told me on discord the best method is to just dig a massive hole on t1 planet, refine and refine until I hit lvl 50, sell it all off for coin and buy the gem stuff and forged stuff… But even if I did, what then? Why am I doing that if its all taken anyways by groups of ppl that already have infinite resources… I’m just an average player with eyes for the good life… I will never reach this though. As new planets come out and resources, the problem will continue, and my meager coins will have to be used to obtain the same things these millionaires are mass mining with spreadsheets and perfect builds and knowledge that is kept in house with their groups of the inner workings of the server and spawning and what not… Perfect forge craft and secret mining knowledge is beyond me. I guess it just really hits you hard when you realize you have absolutely no chance compared to these people that, and I quote, “getting 600-700 gems an hour” Maybe if the pop was significantly higher I wouldn’t feel so below average, but i’m getting a hardcore only vibe now that I wasn’t getting when I was naive and staying to t2 and t3 planets and feeling accomplished… If they were hitting those planets just as hard as they are the t6 planets, I would have noticed far sooner. The games just… geared towards non casuals in a bad way. So I guess I keep with my original comment about this feeling like No Mans Sky Day 1. I’m all alone and everything I thought true was a lie. :frowning: I,ll try coming back later… maybe next year will be better and more balanced for scrubs like me. But for now i’m entirely burnt out and feeling the bitter sting of a painful experience I will do everything to try to forget…

And I know that all sounds dramatic, but devs, in all honesty… I’m on anti depressants and this experience has honestly undone what the pills have achieved. I feel lied too even though nothing was promised to me. I just… The early game feels different… freeing, strong, advancing from t1 to t3 leaves me feelings relieved, “its not as hard as I thought it was gonna be…” I specialized my build as miner and went to t4… Heartbreak ensued. I then strengthened the build for t6 mining… This has left me feeling like utter ■■■■ and I just want to forget the past 4 days of returning to this game. I just want to curl up and cry about how frustrating it has been. A select few groups run everything, have all the knowledge, all the secrets, all the power and coin and resource… But if you make it easier for us averages, they will complain. And I honestly feel like this game is catered to the few, rather than the many. I really really do, and that makes me even more sad, because going into it…It didn’t seem like it was going to be that way. The game really sets you up for a enormous fall and once you leave t3… you notice it, and you notice it hard.

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It won’t, the more planets there are, the more time each place as to regen. More planets for T5 and T6 is all we need. When the game first launched there was tons of resources because the playerbase was lower.

This is not how the game works. On Discord, here, or anywhere, if you ask someone, they’ll tell you exactly how to get what you want. There’s multiple guides for everythin’. There’s no secret mining techniques, or secret skill builds, or secret inner workings of server stuff.

You could try chisel mining, that’s mentioned all over the forums. Stacks of stone chisels, and mine that way, but it’s an exploit, so who knows how long that’ll be around.

These people have put in 400+ hours into the game from launch, maybe more, they have super ultra end-game AOE hammers. Some people get 30-40 gems an hour with iron hammers if they find an unclaimed spot. They represent like .0000001% of the playerbase.

When the new planets come online, the grind won’t be as bad, but, the grind is still pretty bad, and that’s a valid criticism. I make it all the time.

@seferfantasy sorry you are feeling so depressed and burned out. As a fellow lifetime (64yrs) depression sufferer it really feels to me when reading this that you are just in a down phase and everything is effecting you more than would be your norm. I hope you don’t give up on this. I can only suggest that you give it a day and good nights sleep and come back at it with dif goals in mind, take some time to do other things rather than the hard grind for gems, concentrate on doing feats or maybe building or just exploring and fistacuffs with the critters. Get to know some other players and go do some fun shenanigans with them.


Ive also put over 400hours into the game and ive no chance to competr or reach those people. I mean there must be alot of people getting 10s of thausand in footfall each day, i built coneccted to hub gathered as a looney only to discover that was the wrong choice and now mining for gems is not an option and to keep gathering and trying to earn the coin that way is really not worth it.

I guess ill just bide my time and stockpile like crazy. Have sold so much stuff in the begining i really regret now, also regret like crazy waiting and saving my compact peat and refined stones to make decorative…

Once you get max level characters, and all the coils you need, you’ll be on the same level as them.

Most of them have been playing since August, and again, they represent a handful of people.

The devs need to put out new planets and adjust regen for mining. It’ll balance out.


I hope so, i have for chars atm at 38, 36, 26, and 20.

They are


Playing the labourer most latly, one shots everything except stones with copper tools on t1 planet. (Mud, ash and trees need silver).

But no luch+gathering epix yet for more sap and berries for suger making.