Depths of materials?

does anyone have any info on depths of materials in the game like where to find iron ore…etc is it like MC where at certain depths you will find the goodies? I am so lost to find any right now even being on Lambis can find metal . any info would greatly help I am trying to find a good dependable list to get every material in mining so i can stock up .

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Edit: I’ve moved the resource depth guide to the useful resources thread, so that I can better keep things up to date.


awww this is what I was looking for thank you

is there anywhere in the game you can find your depth level where you are when mining like in minecraft with the map

press L to go to the location menue (or the way you do it on ps4 if you play on that platform :wink: ). There you see your current location, altidude included :wink: … There is also a way using the debug functions of the game (at least on pc) but that way includes an ugly window staying on your screen ^^


Thank you! Doing the lords work.

i see it thank you both

This is awesome! You rock!

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What is about horizontal depth / cave distances?

The DEBUG menu is found when you hit F1 then click on Menu then click Display Debug Information, shows you your current elevation