Trior Hub

We noticed last week that Aldford in Trior seems to have vanished (Aldford is technically part of Autumn Dell). So now the Portal Seekers Hub (owned by Mordekaim) and Hubbit Network hub (owned by Osprey I think?) are sitting in a basically empty shell of a town in an awkward location in the middle of nowhere.

We at Autumn Dell would love to donate plots that we own in order to move these hubs to a better location for everybody. We will also include portal shards to pay for reopening costs.

We have a number of spots in downtown Autumn Dell Market (2x3 plots mostly), and I also personally own a 2x3 chunk of plots directly adjacent to Mom & Pop’s in Cliffside Builders (which by the way is my favorite store in the game, and I’d love to send some business their way).

Send me mail in game if PS/Hubbit/any other hubs are interested in this offer. We’re hoping to get Trior’s portal infrastructure into a more functional state.



I love autumn dell
Good job with it @Zephidyon nice place. Gets vote from me… sadly im not part of any bigger hub networks.


Thanks pal! :grinning: