Triple Monitors

I have 3 32" monitors and a pretty beefy pc. Wondering if anyone has had luck running with 3 monitors. Boundless doesnt support it natively, but if it is possible I assume someone has figured it out already!
Thanks a lot.

Have you tried looking around the files for resolution settings?

Perhaps you can hack a resolution. :slight_smile:

Or just grow extra arms and pilot a second character in a VM. :wink:

What brand of Graphics Card do you have?

If you have NVidia look at Surround and if it is AMD/Radeon look at Eye Infinity. As long as all 3 monitors can hold the same resolutions then this will work perfectly. I use to do this before I got my 49" G9 however your 3 monitors will operate as 1 monitor whether in game or not so I would only do it if they are all next to one another or else it can look wierd.

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I have NVidia - RTX2080 Ti.

  1. I hate Nvidia surround
  2. I did try to turn on my surround with boundless but I get the fish eye looking effect in my side two monitors.
  3. All 3 monitors are identical, I’ve ran all 3 on many other titles.

I was thinking I would have to manually change the res in the files perhaps


Yea boundless doesnt auto recognize surround video. However if you increase the resolution the fish eye should go away. I had fisheye feel on my 49" monitor until I hit 7000 something x 2080.

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Also check FOV that could cause the fisheye feel too if it is too low or too high


Fov should fix it i think.


Yup and you can push it a little higher through editing the config file if in game max isnt enough.

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