Trophy not awarded - am I reading it correctly?


I fell from altitude 256 into water at altitude 55 - that 201m :slight_smile: I survived but didn’t get the daredevil trophy. Is there something I missed?

Thanks in advance.

I didn’t think jumping into water or on a trampoline counted. Because at that point you don’t actually land on the ground. Your hitting water or a trampoline which negates any damage you would take. I believe you actually have to hit the ground and live.

lol try with that new boon, that makes you heavy.

I did hit the bottom of the pond - it was only 3m deep :smile:

That would be a reason it wasn’t awarded. Do you know for sure, or is it an assumption?

If that’s the case, I’ll suggest rewording the trophy text to include landing on hard ground.

It’s my assumption since it never worked for me on a trampoline or water. I have not tried on land tho.

I know that from the highest altitude if you jump and land on trampolines on the mantle it works for the achievement.
There are several builds that facilitate this .
One is in Quark on angel 1 called the leap of faith. It’s actually designed for 4 trophies.

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Never worked for me. Maybe bugged for ps4?

Not likely as I am ps4 as well

Good to know - thanks.

I tried again from 256 to 53 landing on trampolines - still no go.

Definitely something wrong - either with my understanding of the wording of the trophy (most likely), or maybe a bug calculating a 200m fall?

The trophy was awarded when I fell from 256 to 49 - after a 207m fall.

I guess it’s a calculation bug then.